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image says Women are human too
From a human resource handbook for women, 1943.

On the latest Catholic Church sex-abuse cover-up and rape culture. Plus, given this, why does the Church have any legitimacy in the debate over women’s rights?

Honoring Denise Scott Brown, perhaps the world’s foremost woman architect.

Take action in support of Nazia Quazi, a Canadian woman being held against her will in Saudi Arabia.

Is TV for tweens girl-centric?

Parsing what filling out Census forms says about queer relationships.

China requires female astronauts to be wives and mothers.

Amanda Hess takes on the (sometimes) fine line between street harassment and friendliness.

Could “conscience clauses” be used as justification for refusing to fill hormone prescriptions for trans people?

Thousands of military rapists have escaped punishment in the past 15 years.

Missourians: Take action to pass an LGBT nondiscrimination act!

represent 60 percent of women without health insurance, 63
percent of unemployed women, and 75 percent of women in poverty. They
are less employed, make less money, and perhaps most significantly, face
additional discrimination and financial burdens because of the
pervasive assumption that every family has a male “breadwinner.””

This new book looks fascinating: The History of White People.

What have you all been reading/writing this week?

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