Ask Professor Foxy: Polyurethane Condoms Fore and Aft

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Hi Prof. Foxy!
To get right to the point, I’m allergic to latex. And, as I’m sure you can imagine, that can cause a NASTY allergic reaction. My question then is about condoms. I know latex are the best but I can’t use them, and I know animal skin is the worst because they’re pores (I’m vegetarian so I wouldn’t use them anyway). I’ve been using the polyurethane condoms, but I really don’t know much about them STD wise. I’m on the pill, so I use condoms to prevent STDs but I’m not sure if latex free condoms are doing as much as they can. Any advice?
–Chick with a lot of Allergies

Dear Chick –
You are already making the right choice. Polyurethane condoms are your best option. While there have not been as many studies done on polyurethane condoms as latex condoms, existing studies show a similar effectiveness rate, except (and this is the happy part) because they cover more skin, they likely have a better rate of preventing skin-to-skin sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as herpes and warts. Polyurethane condoms are the best option for you.
Professor Foxy
Dear Professor Foxy,
I have been thinking lately about the dynamics of gender in sex. Would it be degrading for me as feminist to let my boyfriend give me anal sex, would I be able to receive pleasure as he would? It has been something I have been thinking about for a long while.

Dear Possible Receiver,
I don’t think any sexual act is inherently anti-feminist as long as consent is given. Are you interested in anal sex? Are you interested in at least exploring it? Consent is what matters. And why should penetration in one orifice be inherently less feminist then another?
Women (or receptive partners) can definitely feel please from anal sex. The anus is full of nerve endings. Preparation is very important. Use lots of good, water-based lube and use a condom (important for safe sex purposes, but also to smooth out the penis or inserted object). Polyurethane condoms are also great for anal, just take out the inside ring. I would also suggest that you don’t go from no insertion at all to penis. Start with one finger (a finger with a short, smooth fingernail), go to two, and three and four. Use lots of lube and breath deeply. A lot of receptive partners prefer being on top the first time to be able to control the insertion.
Anal sex can be all around enjoyable as long as you want to engage in it and do your necessary prep.
Professor Foxy
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