Anti-Choice Democrats Receive Death Threats from Anti-Choicers

Considering the history of intimidation, violence and that “pro-lifers” have created in the name of their plight, I wasn’t too surprised to find that anti-choice Democrats have begun to receive death threats from their fellow anti-choicers after voting for the health care bill.
Despite the fact that the Executive Order was, in fact, a pretty damn big disappointment to the reproductive justice movement, it apparently wasn’t good enough for anti-choicers and other Tea Party health care reform haters who have not only made threats but taken action against Democratic lawmakers across the country. At least 10 have sought extra security protection.
While these are horrid and completely detestable actions to be made against anyone, Jill and David question whether it will give anti-choice Dems some perspective, considering the decades of threats, violence and murder committed against those who receive or give abortion care. Jill says it well:

[W]ill the anti-choice lawmakers who are receiving these threats put two and two together and realize that what they’re now experiencing is just a fraction of what women who terminate pregnancies and doctors who provide abortions face? That women who enter abortion clinics are faced with screaming throngs of people, with threats, and sometimes with violence? That their own congresspeople refer to them as “baby-killers”? That doctors who provide abortion services are stalked, harassed, and sometimes killed? That I’d be willing to bet if you got the bloggers from the five biggest feminist websites together, we’d outpace these guys in death threats by a mile?
It’s shameful that these congressmen are receiving death threats. It’s shameful that they’re also part of a movement that has long threatened women’s lives.

Amen. No one deserves this kind of intimidation or violence: anti-choice Dems, women who have abortions or doctors who perform them. Maybe this will allow anti-choice Dems to recognize that, and that this is the kind of movement they’ve been supporting.
Via Feministe.

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