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In bummer news: The Association for Research on Mothering is closing. It was founded in 1998 and over these twelve years its put on 35 international conferences and published 22 journal issues and ten Demeter Press titles. Boo to York University for ceasing their support.
Internalized oppression is so ugly, isn’t it?
The Georgia legislature tries to co-opt anti-racist arguments to chip way at abortion rights.
RIP Liz Carpenter, founder of the National Women’s Political Caucus.
Dr. Howard W. Jones Jr., the surgeon who, along with his wife, Dr. Georgeanna Seegar Jones, helped to create the first test tube baby born in the United States, reflects on a lifetime of “abnormal, normal” in reproductive science.
Support doc film Seeking Happily Ever After, a film that’s taking the romantic industrial complex downdowndown and providing us all with a different model of walking off into the sunset, feminist-style.
P.S. What’s up with airlines making passengers select their gender when checking in for flights these days? The only options are male and female (shocker). Urgh.

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  • Phenicks

    So it should be legal to coerce someone into an abortion?
    Every reading of this bill I’ve seen, pro-life and pro-choice alike simply says the bill prohibits the coercion of abortions based on race or gender.
    Women of color in Georgia can make their own decisions, and because they can I don’t see how a bill making it illegal to coerce them into an abortion would infringe on their reproductive rights.

  • supremepizza

    This is the first time the Georgia State Legislature has shown an interest in helping people since…never.
    Amazing that in a state as big as Georgia there’s no significant black support for this bill.
    While I don’t think their much talked about “Endangered Species” ad was racist in the slightest. I do think that this is really a tool to prevent Planned Parenthood from marketing & reaching out to black communities. (The language is overly broad to simply be limited to the noble goal of preventing race based abortion). Preventing PP from reaching out & marketing to blacks & other minorities would be a travesty.
    My father is a conservative black preacher. When he ran a community service center back in the ’70s he would tell me how little information there was in the black community about contraception and abortion. He referred multiple women to PP to get the assistance they needed. Arguably, Georgia could now arrest dad.

  • cattrack2

    I can’t tell from the specific version of the bill that passed committee today, but in earlier versions at least it was written broadly to include “marketing” to black women. That opens a lot of questions. Can Planned Parenthood use pictures of black women in their brochures & literature? Can they talk about the specific issues confronting black women & abortion? For every abortion clinic in an “urban” community, do they have to have one in a rural community?
    The answer to that last question according to Georgia Right to Life is, “yes”. ( http://blogs.ajc.com/political-insider-jim-galloway/2010/03/13/the-topic-of-race-and-the-next-fight-over-abortion/ )

  • wer
  • Brianna G

    The bill will be used to prevent PP and other abortion providers from advertising their services to minority groups or to prosecute doctors, nurses, or educators who refer to abortion providers, since women are fragile little flowers and would never get an abortion unless they were coerced by the big mean doctor.
    Seriously, that’s why they target doctors, not women. If you ask one of these people if women should be jailed for getting abortions, they say no, the doctors should. Most seem to genuinely believe any woman who gets an abortion is coerced in some manner, which fits in nicely with their belief that every woman’s goal is to be a wife and mother and they would never place anything before their child.

  • Brianna G

    From the internalized oppression article: “Why would a guy ask a girl he could casually hookup with on a date? What is the benefit of dating for a college-aged male in this situation? Getting to know her, too? I don’t think getting to know someone is high on a guy’s priority list on a Friday night. Casual hookups probably are, though.”
    Damn. I used to have a study that showed men were more likely to be depressed after a casual hookup than women and college-aged men were more likely to seek a long-term relationship from each romantic encounter than college-aged women, but I lost it.
    Anyway, it basically said that a) people who engage in hookups are actually pretty rare, and their comparative prevalence is because those who DO engage in them will have quite a few of them; b) when alcohol is not a factor, women are usually initiating the hookups and are the ones who decline to continue the relationship; and c) men actually suffer worse for it, since they’re the ones who are thinking about a LTR at that point anyway and unlike women, they will go into the hookup thinking it might turn into dating. A surprising number of college-age guys are looking at their classmates as potential lifelong partners, not as hookups– while their female classmates know they have to put their desire for a family (if they have one) on hold until they are done with school and stable, it’s a lot easier for a guy to marry and have kids when he’s young and still be successful long-term.

  • mags

    Is it just me, or is it the Year of the Straight-Up Racist/Sexist College Newspaper Columnist? I honestly don’t remember reading this triggering, infuriating crap nearly as much or as frequently as I have over the course of this school year.
    Particularly incendiary examples:
    I so deeply want to believe in the essential good of college campuses–that higher education isn’t really failing us, that these authors are simply controversy-baiting outliers and should be disregarded. But then I think of the number of student editors that approved the publication of these articles and I start to get really, really sad.
    Am I alone in thinking that things are getting worse? Is it good that these opinions are being brought into the public sphere? Is it harmful?

  • Polymorphous Perversity

    FYI, more information about the use of gender information in airline booking, esp. for trans people: http://transequality.org/Resources/NCTE_Secure_Flight.pdf

  • materialtruth415

    Hey, the internalized oppression article was written by a dude. Just FYI.

  • Phenicks

    I think their issue specifically is the racial disparity in abortions. When the minority of the population is having the most XYZ and the majority is the least likely to do the same there is usually some underlying problem because its a VERY rare occassion where minorities make up the majority of something that is in every way a positive thing.
    I don’t think they believe all black women just need and want to be mothers, I think they don’t believe that black women are more likely to WANT to abort a pregnancy than white women are which ,if we are to believe no coercion is involved and everything is by choice, is the case. That has been the argument I’ve heard for a very long time.

  • heidi

    Re: gender and airlines – it’s so the airline can make cheesy pastel colored pages for the womenfolk who travel. Heck if I can find the link I was going to reference though =(