Blog Watch: Abortion Gang

This is awesome. A group of kick-ass folks in the reproductive justice movement have created a new blog, Abortion Gang, and I think it looks incredible. More info:

We are unapologetic activists for reproductive justice.
We are Jewish, Christian, atheist, Muslim, Wiccan, secular. We are mixed race, African-American, Latina, White, bi-racial. We are completing a graduate degree, we didn’t finish high school. We have had abortions, children, miscarriages. We have IUDs and we use rhythm beads. We work in reproductive health and we twitter about being #prochoice. We call ourselves feminists, womanists, womyn, wimmin, grrls, women. We are cis gender, we are trans women, we’re gender queer. We have sex with anything that moves, we are abstinent, we are poly amorous.
And we stand for choice.
This is our space to talk about what drives, inspires, and challenges us, what renews our passion for reproductive justice, what makes us outraged, and our ideas to keep the movement going forward.

Make sure to check it out.

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