Notes from a bitch…the truth is true…

“To be afraid is to behave as if the truth were not true.” Bayard Rustin
Shall we?
***steps up on soap box***
The internets and political chats are all buzzing about the vote on federal health care reform legislation and pundits are speculating over what will define victory and for whom or what will define defeat for that other side and why.
With so much speculation floating around, I just want to put some known things out there into the universe.
I ain’t afraid of a damn thing related to health care reform.
Let me say that one more time…I am not afraid.
You see, health care is a right.
Mmmhmm, and no legislative defeat can change that…it would only indict the moral character of those who celebrate that defeat.
No limits, compromises or fucked up restrictions will change that. They may delay progress, frustrate the hell out of people and put women at risk…but they call this social justice movement a struggle for a reason and such hurdles have never, do not now and never will change the truth that…
…health care is a right.
No legislative victory is required to confirm that.
No matter what happens this week, health care is a right.
The only thing Congress is about to determine is whether justice will be advanced or delayed.
Justice will not be denied.
Hell, if I didn’t believe in the inevitability of justice I couldn’t do social justice work!
So, be not afraid!
The truth is true.
And we will get this done.
***steps down from soap box and gets back to work***

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