Palin crib notes

Got a residue message for Sarah Palin after the 2008 election? Of maybe you’ve developed new feedback for the woman that threw us feminists for a big ol’ loop–as I argued here, in both bad and good ways. Whether you’ve got nice things to say, or not so nice things to say, you’ve got a new outlet: the upcoming book, Palin Crib Notes.
That’s right, inspired by Ms. Palin’s techniques for remembering her policy positions, folks are putting together a book. It’s easy to submit. Just write a note on your hand (what Sarah calls “a poor man’s version of a teleprompter”) and email it to
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  • WIDave

    So you want to demean and insult someone you don’t agree with? Okay. But this does ring hollow when you compare Palin writing stuff on her hand to Obama needing teleprompters everywhere he goes.