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Remember the conservative “experts” in Texas trying to change school curricula? Well, it looks like they won.
A new bill in Georgia passed committee on Wednesday that would outlaw race- and sex-selective abortions. Broadsheet talks about why this is problematic.
Prepare to seethe: After rejecting his advances on the dance floor, a woman was brutally beaten by a man in a bathroom stall of a bar in New York City early yesterday.
Mattel is launching new dolls for their Barbie Fashion Model Collection — Mad Men characters. As a fan, I can’t begin to express my disappointment, especially considering how unrealistically skinny Joan’s body was made. Grrr.
Scarleteen talks masturbation.
Mark Goldberg discusses the efforts being made and challenges facing the UN to create new initiatives addressing global women’s rights.

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  • Nancy Shrew

    Well, my opinion might be unpopular, but as a doll enthusiast, I for one think the new Mad Men Barbies are awesome.

  • Brittany

    I’m curious as to whom the one Democrat that voted on the bill was…
    As for the horrifying beating of the woman, this is why I encourage all women to take self-defense classes. I’m not saying that she didn’t know them, or that it could have been prevented, but mace and knowing weak points on a man will do so much good down the road. I personally have a taser in my purse AND mace, because of past experiences, on top of taking karate just in case. It’s truly a frightening world that we live in, and it’s gotten so dangerous around here that I’ve considered getting a permit for a handgun to keep with me.

  • aletheia_shortwave

    RE: The Manhattan attack — The NYTimes’ article’s commenters include totally absurd victim-blaming.
    How. On Earth. Could she be blamed for this.

  • uberhausfrau

    the texas textbook debacle is the worlds biggest cluster-fuck. texas is ranked 49th in the country and has a 31% drop out rate. W.T.F!!!! to quote fight club “what a shit hole.”
    thank gourd we are able to send the kiddos to private school, but i also wanna know what they are using in my kids’ school.
    the texas freedom network live-blogged the meetings. http://tfninsider.org/

  • RevDave

    Re the “race-selective abortions” — obviously on the face of it that is nonsense. I suspect the reason the criteria has been included is that it is a pander to the conspiracy theory on the right that Planned Parenthood is a eugenics plot.

  • Brittany

    Would you mind explaining how it’s victim-blaming? I’m not very familiar with the subject, so I don’t see much wrong with the article. They explained that he became angry after she rebuffed his advances and went after him.