Sexist Ad of the Day: Your Vagina is a Void

Nothing more effective in selling a product than telling women their used-up vadges are ruining their relationships. Another gem after the jump.

(Text at the bottom says “Vaginal-tightening gel for women over 40.”)

via copyranter.

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  • Blithely Zealotic

    The last time it felt like the first time? Uhhh, that time I had to painfully bust through my thick hymen. There was blood, which totally turned him off. Thanks for the reminder, ya cheerful pink ad!
    This is seriously COMICALLY bad advertising.

  • Comrade Kevin

    I am speechless.

  • paperispatient

    Um, my first time having PIV sex was with a guy who never cared that I never had an orgasm. I’ll take my current satisfying sex life and partner over “feeling like the first time,” thank you.

  • mightydoll

    Why would I want sex to perpetually feel like the first time?

  • Phenicks

    The language and tone used in the ads suck.
    I guess I’m in the minority here but if I felt like my vaginal muscle(s) was/were getting weaker and there was a safe way to tone it up, I’d do it. I think Kegel exercises are great.

  • Zenon Receives

    I wonder, what this gel does contain, if it really works that way (and what it may cause if one misuses it) oO

  • paperispatient

    Yeah, I suspect that many women would not want to relive their first PIV experience, or at least the physical aspect of it. Mine was not painful at all, but I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing and just let him do everything. It was mildly enjoyable but also rather boring – it certainly could have been much worse, but I have zero desire to try to relive it!

  • Lise Marie

    On CSI, during autopsies, they refer to vaginas as “vaginal vaults.” This ad reminds me of that. Only I like CSI…

  • paperispatient

    I think doing an exercise to keep part of your body feeling how you like it to is quite different than trying to put “virginity” in a tube and sell it to women. Haven’t Kegels also been shown to help prevent or lessen incontinence as well?

  • LurkinMerkin

    I can’t believe this is real.
    As many others have said already, my first time sucked. I’d NEVER want it to feel like the first time, because that would be seriously regressive, and it would also mean that I was dating an asshole again.

  • Velderia

    I will never understand this thing of tightening the hymen… Ouch. O_o Like, wtf.
    And the pink… It burns. ;_;

  • Athenia

    This a marketed to guys, right?

  • makomk

    My understanding is that most of these products actually work by drying the vagina, which is… not a great idea, and certainly not pleasant.

  • Phenicks

    I think virginity has been equated with supreme tightness for so long that stronger vaginal walls/muscles = closer to virginity for those who do not know any better.
    The PC or vaginal floor muscles is the muscle that both helps you hold it in until you get to a restroom and is the muscle that the penis penetrates during PIV sex. So if its strong you’re likely to feel your own strength as could your partner as well as not suffer incontinence.

  • frolicnaked

    Incontinence and things like uterine/pelvic prolapse as well.
    Additionally, I tend to think of vaginal/pelvic floor muscle tone and that “tight” and/or “virgin” feeling as two entirely different concepts.
    With good muscle tone, I can contract and relax my muscles more or less voluntarily.
    The only times I’ve felt “tight” during penetrative sex were when I was too dry, insufficiently aroused, and/or nervous/not really wanting sex. I am not a fan of promoting those feelings as the “ideal” of how sex “should” feel.

  • allegra

    I mean, if you were really concerned with “tightness,” couldn’t you just do Kegels? Which are very good for you anyway, since strong pelvic floor muscles can help with strengthening the abdominals and with spinal alignment, and are integral to Pilates? Instead of giving your money to corporate douchebags who promote anxiety and inadequacy in order to sell their worthless products?
    Actually, products like this scare the shit out of me. I’m willing to bet that, just like “personal care” products like lotion and make-up, this shit isn’t regulated by the FDA. It’s like putting some random chemicals into your vagina that you have no fucking clue what they do or what kind of carcinogens they are.

  • paperispatient

    You’re on VaginaPagina, aren’t you? I recognize your username – nice to see you! :)
    I think that’s an excellent distinction, muscle tone versus tightness.
    I think it’s also worth remembering that vaginas are all different. My partner has told me that mine feels snugger to him than his ex’s – that doesn’t mean that she’s “loose” and “needs tightening,” and it doesn’t say anything about either of our amounts of sexual experience, just that her vagina and mine are different, and no cream is going to change that.

  • Zenon Receives

    Ugh! That would be completely – it’d just make no sense. PLEASE!!

  • Tabs

    Hallelujah. I have been saved. Now I can lay there, like the first time I laid there. Thanks, vagina-tightening-stuff.
    Godddddddddddd. I’m all for Kegels if people want to do those, but this shit is totally weird and totally sexist. Not to mention, creepy. Why is America obsessed with virgins? “Make sure your dude likes have sex with you still, your vagina’s basically a hallway now, come on!” — It’s nearly on par with that statistic that’s like, the number one cosmetic surgery being performed in the US now is vaginoplasties – where they make it look pretty and virginal again!

  • Eneya

    A pretty laughable and horrible commercial.
    This deep pink is extremely unpleasant colour and it is not clear if it’s referring to the first time with the dude or the first time at all.
    As any person with sexual experience I can vouch that first times are rarely something that awesome or perfect. Oh, yeah, we have the hollywood dream about the first time about everything and how special and magical it is (and obviously the commercial is trying to use that) but we all know that with practice the things are getting much better.
    Unfortunately I think the biggest issue with this is that admitting that actually personal experience is different than the romantic idea is a scary thing, especially in a culture that obeying those unwritten rules is a must for all genders.

  • anteup

    It feels like the first time for me nearly every time(at least for a few minutes) since I don’t get to do the deed very often. Why someone would WANT it to feel like that…

  • Heina

    So, between “My New Pink Button” and this, we can all have pink, irritated, dry vaginas to please teh menz?

  • Igiveup

    No, unfortunately it’s marketed to women. The whole “fear of a loose vagina and being unable to retain the interest of your sexual partner” is a fear that a lot of women have and a fear that’s exploited. It goes hand in hand with the “fear of being replaced by a younger, hotter, version of you.”
    I’ve seen many instances of this, and it takes different forms. It used to be one of the prime sales techniques of OBs in “selling” a woman on an episiotomy back in the 70’s and 80’s. Women were told that an episiotomy is necessary because then the OB can sew you back up to near virginal tightness. (In reality, it doesn’t.) The last stitch in an episiotomy is even called “the husband’s knot,” as if to suggest that it’s being done for his benefit.
    Now women are being sold on cesarean sections for the same reason: If you give birth through an abdominal incision, you maintain “vaginal integrity.” I’ve read accounts of women who have chosen not to deliver vaginally and have extolled the benefit of “vaginal preservation” as a result of their c-sections. You know: your vagina won’t get all stretched out and unable to stimulate a man’s penis properly if you push a BABY out of it.
    So no, this is just one more instance of making women feel bad about their sex organs in order to sell them something.

  • Nurse_PhD

    “a gap in a relationship?” – hilarious! I really hope the ad’s authors knew how silly that is.
    I tried to find the ingredients in searching the web for the words “vagina tightening gel” and only on were the ingredients listed. They included capsicum, the hot pepper-derived oil that is used to soothe arthritic joints. It works on arthritis, but something about putting hot pepper oil inside my “love canal” (their poor choice words that made me laugh, because they probably don’t remember there was a toxic town with that name) doesn’t make me feel all hot and sexy. Also reputed to increase sex drive.
    And, Athenia, that is what I was thinking.

  • PamelaVee

    Honey, it’s not a big vagina. It’s a small penis. Get over it.
    But really, the first time? That lovely, enchanting time when you were an awkward horny teenager and neither one of you knew what the heck you were doing and it lasted 2.3 seconds and was really uneventful. How could I forget!?

  • bashme

    omg, it dries the vagina?!?! obviously this product is made for the purpose of increasing male pleasure (tightening the vagina), not female pleasure! sex is agonizing when you’re dry!!! basically, women are supposed to sacrifice their own enjoyment in order to make men happy.

  • yamiblue990

    going to the link and following to where it’s listed on the site it’s using chamomile extracts and is intended to lubricate while tightening it up. it’s nothing but lies playing on women’s fears.

  • mccarth

    I think my vaginal muscles gained the ability to get much tighter once I became more comfortable with my body and had more sex. Not that it matters, but I would imagine (or it has seemed like) my male partners enjoy it more too, which is the implication at the root of this ad obviously. Has this virginal vaginal myth ever been proven? I can’t imagine that sex would feel better for a man with someone who is inexperienced – unless he has some serious power/dominance issues, but that is another post…

  • Athenia

    You know, I wonder what the difference is between the marketing of this product and those fun lube commericals. Those lube commericals come off as positive whereas these come off as negative. i.e.there’s something missing vs. this will make sex amazing!