Women’s Herstory Month-SNL Style

Sometimes it really feels like this is the extent of some people’s understanding of the importance of reclaiming women’s history, doesn’t it?

Please put up the transcript in comments if you’ve got the time!

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  • Diane

    Does anyone have a link of this for Canadians?

  • Synna

    or anyone outside the US

  • Toongrrl

    That is so awesome!!!! SNL is the best!

  • lauren

    Seth: March is National Women’s History Month. Here to comment is our own Will Forte.
    Will: Hey, Seth. I am here because I could not be more excited about Women’s History Month. Or should I say, Women’s Herstory Month? You see how I just changed the word history to the word herstory, Seth?
    Seth: Yeah, I saw that.
    Will: So, uh, to celebrate this great occasion, I did a lot of research and wrote a pretty amazing song about great women in herstory. I did it again. Did you see that?
    Seth: Yeah.
    Will: And this song is so good that I’ve been trying to get every high school in America to teach it in class. But it’s been a tough sell because, full disclosure, I’ve been asking them for a lot of money to use it. And they’re being real cheapskates about it. And look, I know that $15000 per school is a lot of money. But I ask you, you stupid high schools of America, how you put a price on women’s herstory? You see what I did there?
    Seth: Yeah, no, I see that every time.
    Will: OK, anyway, you be the judge. Here is the song. It is called “Women’s Herstory Colon: Did You See What I Did There.” I like to start with a little riffing at the beginning.
    And 1 2 3 4,
    Betsy Ross made a flag.
    Rosa Parks sat on a bus.
    Nancy Pelosi, government.
    Emily Dickinson, books.
    Good job women, good job women,
    you should have been paid more money than that. Good job women, terrific job women,
    your history is now herstoy (see what I did there?)
    Sally Ride, spacewoman.
    Mary Tyler Moore threw that hat.
    Diane Keaton wore a tie like a dude.
    And Helen Keller said “whah.”
    Good job women, good job women,
    enjoy the month of March cause it’s all you get. Good job women and good song Will Forte,
    that’s good information that should be taught in school.
    High schools of America, what are you thinking? Kids should learn about the wife of President Lincoln,
    I do not know her name.
    I’m sorry this section is kind of a digression. But I just wanted everyone to know what dicks the high schools are being.
    But back to women now!
    Miss Piggy, talking pig.
    Betty Crocker, cake.
    The Snapple lady was a Snapple salesman.
    Gandhi is a man, he is not on the list.
    Good job women, bad job high schools,
    what a great song I think it’s worth 50 grand. Cheap, cheap high schools run by a-holes,
    I’m gonna start my own high school and teach only this song.
    You dipstick highschools, you brought this on yourself,
    wait til I start my own school and take all of your kids.
    Will Forte High School, where all the kids ace the women’s history portion of the SAT’s.
    Suck it American high schools, you guys are frigging herstory. Did you see what I did there?
    Seth: I did! Will Forte, everyone.

  • Anna

    thank you so much!

  • mandoir

    I know it was supposed to be ironic, but I don’t know… I just still didn’t think it was that funny. I wanted them to push it a little bit farther – saying “enjoy the month of March cause it’s all you get” was just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Jessica Lee

    I laughed my ass off when I saw this. Even though SNL can be racist/sexist/insert almost any -ist or -phobic here, it’s skits like this that’ll make me remember why I’ve been watching it for over ten years.