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The Feminist Press is having their 40th anniversary party in New York on March 10th. If you’re around, it’s a do-not-miss extravaganza with all kinds of awesome feminists, including Toni Blackman, Karen Finley, and Justin Bond.
NOW has called for Paterson to step down.
The amazing Andrea Smith is going to be the keynote at this year’s National Women’s Studies Association meeting. So exciting. What’s more? The deadline for presentation proposals has been extended to March 8th.
The French consider “tagging” domestic violence perpetrators.
Salon says: “Canada’s women’s hockey team has scored quite the controversy by daring to celebrate their win against the U.S. on Thursday by sipping beer, guzzling champagne and smoking cigars on the ice.”
The California Assembly swears in its first gay speaker.
If you’re in the DC-area this weekend, go check out “Solutions Through Film”–a film festival put on by Men Can Stop Rape that examines masculinity. Deets here.
Speaking of masculinity, Man Up is now looking for facilitator applications. Apply today.

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  • Marc

    Perhaps much like Jesus on Good Friday, I woke up feeling a little crossed, but holy shit, when are some feminists going to realize that we each have jobs and lives, and cannot simply break away from our lives to be at feminist events?
    If feminism is going to be more inclusive, try fucking scheduling events in places that are accessible to all people, and I don’t know, try doing it on the weekends or something.
    I don’t mind driving or flying to New York, but at night on a work day for a celebration? Really? Who the hell are planning these things?
    Checking one’s privilege, and truly planning an event, isn’t exactly rocket science. It’s pretty damn easy, actually. It’s high times someone starts putting some thoughts behind planning!

  • Steveo

    I have serious issues with the Canadian Women’s Olympic Hockey team’s celebration too…….their choice of beer is horrible! Molson Canadien and Coors Light? Two of the worst kinds of beer out there! Otherwise, not a single thing wrong with it.

  • cattrack2

    I read Marcia Pappas’ statement from NOW on this. I recall her saying some pretty unconscionable things about Ted Kennedy when he announced his support for Obama. Maybe she just doesn’t like black men.
    Why rush to convict before the evidence is in? Judge the man on his record, and he doesn’t have a record of intimidating women. I seem to recall him appointing a woman to the US Senate. Until we see definitive evidence–as opposed to conjecture, speculation, and innuendo–I say let the man serve.
    From where I sit the uproar over Patterson’s rule is completely racialized, at least on the Dem side. From the time Caroline Kennedy tossed her hat in for US Senate, the NY Left has considered him “uppity” for not appointing her @ breakneck pace…And we all know @ what breakneck pace JFK sought to end Jim Crow.

  • The Boggart

    If the winning Canadians had been men, the reaction would have been a lot more muted, if it had even occurred at all. When women are good at something, they are expected to be modest. In response to compliments we are expected to automatically undermine ourselves, the usual self-depreciating phrases slipping from between our lips with a lifetime’s worth of ingrained ease; “oh I was just lucky I guess”, “I don’t know about that”.
    Despite having just proven themselves to be the strongest, fiercest athletes in one of the most intense and brutal sports, the Canadian team was still expected to behave in an appropriately lady-like fashion – so much so that this standard was even extended to what was (intended to be) a private celebration.
    These are young women at the very peak of physical fitness, riding one of the greatest endorphin highs of their lives after the successful climax to gruelling years of blood, sweat and tears; all things considered I thought they showed remarkable restraint waiting for everyone to file out of the stadium before they started drinking.

  • bbbf

    I’m surprised you guys haven’t covered the hate crimes committed at University of California campuses (specifically UCSB – “compton cookout” and hanging of a noose in the library and UCD – vandilization of the LGBTRC)

  • marginallyyours

    Where is the announcement about the NWSA extension? I don’t see it on their site. I was going to submit something, and if I have more time, that’s awesome.

  • Toongrrl

    Cali is getting back their blue colors!!!!!