What We Missed

The Feminist Press is having their 40th anniversary party in New York on March 10th. If you’re around, it’s a do-not-miss extravaganza with all kinds of awesome feminists, including Toni Blackman, Karen Finley, and Justin Bond.
NOW has called for Paterson to step down.
The amazing Andrea Smith is going to be the keynote at this year’s National Women’s Studies Association meeting. So exciting. What’s more? The deadline for presentation proposals has been extended to March 8th.
The French consider “tagging” domestic violence perpetrators.
Salon says: “Canada’s women’s hockey team has scored quite the controversy by daring to celebrate their win against the U.S. on Thursday by sipping beer, guzzling champagne and smoking cigars on the ice.”
The California Assembly swears in its first gay speaker.
If you’re in the DC-area this weekend, go check out “Solutions Through Film”–a film festival put on by Men Can Stop Rape that examines masculinity. Deets here.
Speaking of masculinity, Man Up is now looking for facilitator applications. Apply today.

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