8.8 magnitude earthquake rocks Chile this weekend

There was a massive earthquake in Chile this weekend, actually much stronger than the recent Haiti earthquake. While it looks like the deaths from this quake will be much fewer than in Haiti, the devastation is serious. Here is a round up of links about the situation in Chile:
Death toll jumps to 708 from Chile earthquake (LA Times)
There were worries this weekend about tsunami’s that could spread as a result of the earthquake. Most of those warnings have been lowered after smaller than expected waves reached Hawaii and other Pacific nations. (MSNBC)
The Chilean President, Michelle Bachelet, declared a “state of catastrophe” after the quake on Saturday. (ABC)
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was set to begin a tour of Latin America today, will now be dominated by this recent disaster in Chile. (NY Times)
The Nation has more on how you can help in Chile.

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  • Toongrrl

    There seems to a lot of earthquakes happening in the world and I also heard that a tsunami might hit Hawaii and California. God help us all.

  • Marc

    One of the things that has me a bit disappointed is the lack of engagement from the feminist community regarding this. It seems, if we are going to engage in bettering the lives of people, we need to care more about issues like these.
    NOW shot off a message within hours of Dr. Tiller getting killed, and will readily jump on CBS for the anti-choice commercials, but where are the voices of those feminists now?
    At times, our movement truly saddens me.

  • Mollie

    The day of the earthquake, there were tsunami warnings for Hawaii. I have friends in Hawaii and I watched the live stream… not much happened so they called off the warning. Though they did evacuate the beaches and coastal areas at first.

  • s mandisa

    I agree. Just so you know, smaller, less hugely funded womens groups have made responses. INCITE! Women of Color Agaisnt Violence and (my org) the New Orleans Womens Health and Justice Initiative issued a statement of support after the Haitian earthquake.
    Living through Katrina and b/c of our commitment to support global feminism, we know and see the intersections of gender and disaster. Women, mothers, trans folx,e..g people already marginalized experience even more after a natural or human induced disaster.
    honestly, I don’t expect groups like NOW to represent my ideas of justice in a feminist concept. of course, they get tons of money and visibility as an org FOR women, but they show their true colors often and whose liberation they actually support. we aren’t saying the exact same thing, but i agree, its sad.