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Is Tagging Violent Offenders the Way to Go?

TweetLike several of my co-bloggers, I am of the anti-violence, de-escalation, anti-incarceration and anti-police industry camp. I think generally increased penalties on criminal behavior supports and reinforces more criminal behavior. I believe that a just criminal justice system is one that is fair, protects the interests of the people and is built through community organizing. [...]
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Tweet If you are living in NY than you woke up to several inches of snow outside. This is what my quiet Brooklyn street is looking like right now. Posting might be limited today. Feministing is having a retreat this weekend and we are going to be getting ready to meet up this afternoon…assuming we [...]
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What We Missed

TweetDon’t miss Miriam’s takes on surrogacy and leadership by women of color in the reproductive justice movement. Gotta love The Onion sometimes: Rise In Teen Pregnancy Proves Teens Still Got It “While men make up the majority of abusers of street drugs, including meth, cocaine and heroin, women are just as likely to abuse prescription [...]
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Apple Censors Sexy Apps

TweetFour days after shocking some users by suddenly removing over 5,000 apps with sexually-explicit content form the App Store, Apple (a) started talking about the decision and (b) created a new category called “explicit” apps. Phil Schiller, Apple’s head of worldwide product marketing, told the New York Times: It came to the point where we [...]
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Guest Post: Feminism, Disability, and John Currin

TweetJennifer Bartlett contributes her second guest post, an interview with artist Sunuara Taylor. Note: All the art works included are by Sunny. Without further adieu: JB: I’ve been exploring the idea of disability as a strength rather than the societal perception of the disabled body as ‘weak.’ My idea derives from the concept that people [...]
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