If you are living in NY than you woke up to several inches of snow outside. This is what my quiet Brooklyn street is looking like right now.
Posting might be limited today. Feministing is having a retreat this weekend and we are going to be getting ready to meet up this afternoon…assuming we can get our front doors open. There maybe some snowshoeing in my future.
If you are on the East Coast enjoy the snow today and hopefully whatever you were supposed to do was canceled. If you are not on the East Coast or in a place where it doesn’t snow 12 inches all the times, well, be glad you don’t have to deal with it. Or be jealous that we have an excuse to stay home :)

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  • Gretel

    Pretty! That’s how my Brooklyn block looks too, but I still had to trudge through the 5-foot high snow drifts to go to work. Boo!

  • char3169

    So jealous! I’m from Newfoundland, Canada, where we normally get that much snow, if not more! But this winter, there’s so little snow that i wore burkenstocks and a sweater out today, and i’ve been fine. the only places where we have snow are where it has been piled up from december and still hasen’t finished melting! it’s insane!

  • KatieinNewYork

    I work in Upstate NY where it has been snowing steadily since Wednesday night and shows no signs of stopping any time soon. My office has been closed for two days! And we *know* how to plow, drive in and handle snow up here. It’s amazing!

  • fwavebex

    lmao. Cultural/regional/whatever perceptions of snow will never cease to amuse me. In rural Ontario we drive through “blizzards” all the time. 5ft of snow? piece of cake. We made epic hills from all the snow at the end of our driveway, one winter it was over a story high!
    Anyways, here’s building instructions for an easy igloo fort (not a real one, those are ice) to help you enjoy the wealth
    1. Grab blue recycling box (or any convenient large container)
    2. Pack snow into box
    3. Make snowbricks! Arrange in pleasing formation keeping in mind structural integrity, aesthetics, and snowball fight impermeability. :)
    Lots of university/college students make these on their tiny lawns in winter.

  • zes

    “Several inches”???? Try two feet, drifting to three.
    I went running in the park in Manhattan and was treading in it to just above my knee. Hard work, but very pretty. I dread the big melt though.

  • turninnburnin3

    I was just thinking the same thing! I live in Montana! And even though we deal with more extreme cold (-30 degrees, etc), we still do get blizzards and snow! 5 feet? Well it better be 10 feet before the roads close, school or work is cancelled. I went to 13 years in public school in Montana (mostly rural places) and school was never cancelled once. But I do have to say I could never drive with the amount of snow we get in a big city. And it is nice today!!! Its short sleeve without a coat weather today!!! It is almost 40 degrees, but there is still snow on the gound….wish winter were over, but as you know I am sure, winter is not over until about July and still we have a chance to get snow :( I need to move!!!

  • Toongrrl

    Enjoy the snow!!! The last
    time the snow came to
    Bakersfield was in the late

  • strangedays

    Yeah! :D I grew up in Northern Ontario and now live in Ottawa, so snow is nothing new to me either, lol. The picture especially made me chuckle.
    No offense, Feministing writers!

  • goldaries13

    Same here! I live in upstate NY, as well, and my college has been shut down for two days.
    It’s funny- I made a comment the day before all this started to one of the ladies I work with in student development that schools around here never close- there could be twenty feet of snow on the ground and we would just plow and carry on.
    Guess I was wrong.

  • LalaReina

    One of my girls moved “home” to Puerto Rico and I am really thinking about it myself.