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W.E.B. DuBois, civil rights activist and scholar, was born today.
Senator Rockefeller says he probably would not vote to pass the public option through reconciliation. Not a good sign.
Harry Reid points out a statistical relationship between male unemployment and domestic violence against women. Of course he says it in a problematic way – he’s Harry Reid.
Kansas State Rep. Steve Brunk compares rape to having your car stolen.
Kenya is poised to ban abortion in their constitution.

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Jos Truitt is Executive Director of Development at Feministing. She joined the team in July 2009, became an Editor in August 2011, and Executive Director in September 2013. She writes about a range of topics including transgender issues, abortion access, and media representation. Jos first got involved with organizing when she led a walk out against the Iraq war at her high school, the Boston Arts Academy. She was introduced to the reproductive justice movement while at Hampshire College, where she organized the Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program’s annual reproductive justice conference. She has worked on the National Abortion Federation’s hotline, was a Field Organizer at Choice USA, and has volunteered as a Pro-Choice Clinic Escort. Jos has written for publications including The Guardian, Bilerico, RH Reality Check, Metro Weekly, and the Columbia Journalism Review. She has spoken and trained at numerous national conferences and college campuses about trans issues, reproductive justice, blogging, feminism, and grassroots organizing. Jos completed her MFA in Printmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute in Spring 2013. In her "spare time" she likes to bake and work on projects about mermaids.

Jos Truitt is an Executive Director of Feministing in charge of Development.

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  • Comrade Kevin

    I see what Reid meant, but even so, is he just not self-aware?

  • IAmGopherrr

    Regarding the statement by Harry Reid…
    I think its problematic. Its not the lack of jobs but the unhealthy masculine construct thats to blame. As he noted when women are out of jobs they dont go and beat their husbands/boyfriends. I also think it makes tthe economic issues all about men and casts a myopic focus on the issues. Its like saying women arent important nor is focusing on the overall negative effect on all of Americans important.

  • Kathleen Hagerty

    I don’t think it’s very prudent to make statements suggesting that out of work women don’t abuse their husbands. Unfortunately, many of them do. Maybe we just aren’t aware of how big the problem is because the men don’t call attention to it. We have no way of knowing how many men really are victims of domestic abuse it they aren’t reporting it.

  • supremepizza

    I very strongly disagree with the KS bill prohibiting insurance companies from offering insurance as part of their standard packages, but saying the Representative compared rape to having your car stolen is the height of sensationalism. I mean, thats plain false. He did no such thing. I’m sorry but that’s just agenda driven reporting.

  • paperispatient

    According to the linked article, Steve Brunk noted that you would need to report a rape and file a police report in order to abort a pregnancy resulting from rape; he then said that you would need to report a stolen car and said, “This is kind of the same thing.” I don’t see how that ISN’T comparing the two.

  • Toongrrl

    Happy Bday W.E.B!!!!

  • WIDave

    So, if Harry Reid is voted out of office this upcoming election cycle, he is going to commit a violent act?

  • MandyG

    Dear Manhattan Beach Police Department,
    PLEASE treat my rape case as you would a vehicle theft.
    If someone stole my car, something would happen.
    I was raped, and so you dumped my case.
    Because property is more important than my body, mind, health, and well-being.