Quick Hit: White House releases new health care plan

In advance of the White House organized health care summit this Thursday, President Obama and his team have just released their health care plan.
From what has been said about the plan so far, it follows closely along with the senate version of the health care reform bill, including on it’s stance on abortion. The Senate version still had limits on health insurance funding for abortion, including a system that would force women who wanted abortion coverage to write two separate checks each month for their insurance premiums.
There is no public option in this plan either.
For more, go to the White House website.

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  • Toongrrl

    Will things ever go right?

  • Dawn.

    Massive FAIL. The Obama administration’s plan is nowhere near true health care reform. It’s even worse than the status quo – now there is a classist mandate, retrograde abortion restrictions, and no public option. Reproductive rights and the social safety net in this country have been ripped to shreds over the past thirty years and this plan does nothing to address that fact.
    Democrats are more than capable of passing the public option through reconciliation. 51 Senators and 218 House representatives. I mean really. Instead, this more politically palatable yet socially regressive pile of shit will pass. IMO, it is especially ridiculous that this plan is considered “centrist.” Even liberal media sources are calling it “centrist.” This is so right-of-center! The public option was centrist! Single-payer was the leftist option. Remember that, spin doctors? Grrr.
    It is a daily embarrassment that we are the only industrialized country without universal health care. How can we address any type of inequity in this country when we don’t even believe that every person has the right to medical care? Why? Because, um, they’re a FUCKING HUMAN BEING, that’s why. All I want is America to finally start living up to what we’ve said we are all along. Apparently that’s too much to ask.

  • cattrack2

    The Public Option Fixation is too ill defined, and too scarred to be anything other than a distraction at this point. Perhaps if they would’ve come out at the jump & just we’re going to expand Medicare they would’ve gotten somewhere. But “public option” what’s meant by that? Does that mean that mean Medicaid, the VA, Medicare, or Walter Reed? These are all approaches to ‘public health care’ but only 1 of them is viewed at all favorably, and its fiscally unsound.
    I’m a progressive who started out supporting the public option but the more I’ve educated myself about it, the more I realize its just a mirage. End the anti-trust exemption for health insurance & we’ll get millions of people added to the insurance rolls…As for health care being a right, I’d just note there’s a big difference between asserting it were so & then coming up with the dollars to make it so. In the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression there’s little appetite anywhere for the taxes necessary to have Euro-style health care.