Butch Bakery: It’s the camo that makes them manly

Via Sociological Images, we bring you Butch Bakery.

Text reads: Butch it up Buttercup, These ain’t your grandma’s cupcakes. Our objective is simple. We’re men. Men who like cupcakes. Not the frilly pink frosted sprinkles and unicorns kind of cupcakes. We make manly cupcakes. For manly men.
With that kind of name (and located in NYC) I half expected it to be a super gay bakery catering to Butch lesbians and gay men.
I guessed wrong.
These cupcakes seem to be in line with our new era of anxious masculinity. We saw it layed out in the Docker’s ad campaign Vanessa posted, and further reiterated in the series of Super Bowl commercials that Jessica covered.
Butch Bakery has had so much success so far they’ve had to postpone the delivery of new orders.

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