Butch Bakery: It’s the camo that makes them manly

Via Sociological Images, we bring you Butch Bakery.

Text reads: Butch it up Buttercup, These ain’t your grandma’s cupcakes. Our objective is simple. We’re men. Men who like cupcakes. Not the frilly pink frosted sprinkles and unicorns kind of cupcakes. We make manly cupcakes. For manly men.
With that kind of name (and located in NYC) I half expected it to be a super gay bakery catering to Butch lesbians and gay men.
I guessed wrong.
These cupcakes seem to be in line with our new era of anxious masculinity. We saw it layed out in the Docker’s ad campaign Vanessa posted, and further reiterated in the series of Super Bowl commercials that Jessica covered.
Butch Bakery has had so much success so far they’ve had to postpone the delivery of new orders.

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  • Tom

    I think the ad and slogans are stupid, but Now I really want to eat a camouflage cupcake.

  • hfs

    I think your comment, and others that I see in the same vein, show a real lack of understanding of human psychology: insecurity is not the exclusive province of the oppressed. If you’re fighting your inner demons, the menace you perceive from them has no relation to your societal advantages.
    Yeah, yeah, poor widdle menz, etc. But most people struggle mightily with themselves, even (especially?) the “manliest” of men; and your comment doesn’t help anything, really.

  • Tom

    Insert stereotypical gays not eating carbs joke here.

  • rebekah

    I really don’t understand the whole soap thing though. My soap doesn’t smell “girly” My bf uses my soap when he is over at my place (it smells like lavender and aloe) and finds nothing wrong with it, and when I am at his I use his soap (not quite sure what it is supposed to smell like)

  • IAmGopherrr

    No, were saying be realistic. If youre going to discuss gender then start from a rational ground to keep it in perspective. Men dont suffer sexism like women. Thats not saying dont be weak so much as be realistic. The whole point of men when discussing gender is to avoid repeating problematic behaviors. Starting off on the wrong foot doesnt do anything for him or what hes aiming to do. It seems very manipulative that you would scew it like that. And cupcakes are a metaphor for something larger having to do with myopia and gender.

  • IAmGopherrr

    Still gender stereotyping things. And women must be doing something right because they score off the charts in leadership and bringing in more money than men. Its condescending to suggest that we women dont know how to push people and get on them. Men out of sociology take it too far and often become violent. Men depict themselves as violent and over sexed-not women. Its nothing new either. The prison rate is made up mostly of men and men commit most violent crimes as well. The stereotype comes when people try and claim that its inherent. I have also never seen where healthy aggression and assertion have been replaced by its character opposite whatsoever in the workplace.