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Word on the street is that the high profile Conservative Political Action Conference will have a piñata in the shape of Speaker Nancy Pelosi for attendees to wack with a stick. No joke.
The GOP-dominated Utah legislature is in the process of passing an affirmative action ban.
Slate tells us that Fox News’ Megyn Kelly is a “post-feminist news babe.” I think that says it all.
While we’ve already known this to be true, now we have hard evidence that Title IX and girls’ involvement in sports have positive, long-term effects on their education, health and work.

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  • Lilith Luffles

    Ok.. would somebody please tell me why the GOP hates Pelosi? I honestly don’t understand, even after watching Malkin and Beck and Hannity and O’Reilly say how awful she is. I just want to know why they hate her so much. Especially enough to make a Pelosi pinata…

  • Swift

    That Slate article could have been written in one sentence. “Megyn Kelly, you’re so DREAMY!” It reads like a fan’s love letter. Why did that get editorial space? Gah.

  • lucierohan

    on the affirmative action ban: wack. I hope it doesn’t pass.
    On the pinata: That seems more like a playful jab to me. And the focus of the jab is on their political rivalry with her, not her sex. If someone came up with a game called “Rush Limbaugh whack-a-mole” I’d be the first one in line to play it.

  • Toongrrl

    What’s with the FOX Network and their hiring of women who look like they’ve stepped out of the pages of MAXIM, dressed like a combo of the Cosmo Girl and Joan Crawford, and seem to all have their genes worked on by The Stepford Men’s Association and Josef Mengle from “Boys From Brazil”? Can someone tell me if FOX could be discriminating based on looks?

  • Lilith Luffles

    My boyfriends and I have made the observation that women affiliated with FNC are always blonde, pretty, or both. Ingram, Coulter, Kelly, Van Sustren, and Gretchen Carlson are all blond, and all but Van Sustren are stereotypically pretty. Malkin is not blond or white, but she’s still pretty. Then there are the red-head and the brunette who I cannot remember their names who are both pretty. Plus Palin, who won a pageant once.

  • Toongrrl

    Thanks!!!!! This has nothing to do with nothin’ but, MSNBC women are very beautiful, though in a more homogenous way. Black, redhead, over 40, criminal hot, and damned intelligent. The difference is that they’re natural and that their genes haven’t been fixed by the Third Reich