Snowball fights and congressional setbacks in DC snowpocalypse

The main topic of conversation (and tweeting, and facebooking) lately has been the immense amounts of snow falling on the Mid-Atlantic, particularly on Washington DC.
I know it’s because I live and interact with many fellow DC’ers online that I feel overwhelmed by the discussion. I felt like I couldn’t blog today without mentioning:
There is a blizzard in DC (and now NYC and other parts of the East Coast) that has brought multiple feet of snow upon us, multiple times!! In DC we’ve broken a 111 year record for seasonal snowfall, surpassing 45 inches. That is a lot of snow, particularly for a Southern city without the capability to handle so much, so often.
I think my favorite part of the recent snow has been the twitter hashtags:
And my personal favorite, #snomas!
But on a more serious note, the 45 plus inches of snow this season in DC have also provided another road block on the road to passing certain legislation, including, ironically enough, the Climate Change bill.
There has been some pretty great organized fun in DC as well, including a 2000 person snowball fight in Dupont Circle, a neighborhood in downtown DC. Check out the video if you have a few minutes to spare for entertainment.

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