NY State Senate expels Senator Hiram Monserrate for abusing his girlfriend

File this one under: it’s about damn time.
State Senator Hiram Monserrate, a Democratic representative from Queens, was expelled last night from the New York State Senate by a vote of 53 to 8 after he was convicted of a misdemeanor assault for slashing his girlfriend’s face with a broken beer bottle and then dragging her through his apartment lobby. There is a video of the incident caught by the lobby security cameras.
I say it’s about damn time, because the incident that had him expelled occured last December, although he wasn’t convicted until November.
Monserrate also garnered attention last June when he and another Democrat switched parties, aligning themselves with the Republicans and subsequently creating a one month legislative deadlock in the NY State Senate.
He is vowing to appeal the expulsion and stated last night:
“I know that my behavior has brought unwelcome discredit to this chamber, and for that, I am deeply sorry,” he said. “But, as Rev. Jesse Jackson once said, ‘God isn’t through with me yet.'”
God may not be through with you yet, Monserrate, but the NY State Senate sure is.

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  • Comrade Kevin

    For people of faith like me, it’s always discouraging for those who play the God card. He will be forgiven if he honestly asked for it, but consequences are consequences.

  • uberhausfrau

    I know that my behavior has brought unwelcome discredit to this chamber, and for that, I am deeply sorry,
    i fucking HAAAATTTEEEEE the “im sorry i got caught” apologies. how about apologising for assaulting your girlfriend, having serious anger/control issues, being an abusive shitbird, eh?

  • T-Monster

    I think the argument to keep him in the state senate was that his crime was only a misdemeanor and that he couldn’t be booted for that (sorry if I mixed that up). When I heard that I was so worried he wouldn’t get kicked out, but thankfully he did.
    And I’m with @Comrade Kevin on the God card. As a person of faith, it makes me cringe.

  • stabbygail

    “But, as Rev. Jesse Jackson once said, ‘God isn’t through with me yet.'”
    See to me, that means you get the chance to better yourself and learn from your mistakes. Not that God writes you a note to the NYS senate asking them to excuse you from being a violent, misogynistic jerk. Invoking your feeling’s on God and forgiveness, whatever they are, doesn’t excuse you from consequences in the real world. You know, where Senator Monserrate battered a real, living woman.
    Also, it makes me incredibly angry that what he’s sorry for is bringing “unwelcome discredit” to the senate. Is that really who he perceives to be the victim in this situation, or what he perceives the problem to be? Amazing.

  • PamelaVee

    The only person whom he can request forgiveness from is the woman he assaulted, and she has absolutely no obligation to grant him that.
    Feeling forgiven by god is just a very nice way to make yourself feel less guilty about some awful things that you did. How do you know you are forgiven by god? Does he call you? Is there a time period that’s normal on the God Forgiveness Calendar?
    What a sick and pathetic thing for him to say. (And is Jesse Jackson a wife-beater, too?)

  • Chelsa

    If I could “like” this comment a hundred time, I would do just that. Well put!

  • adag87

    I’m glad he got booted, especially after reading that he feels his actions didn’t warrant expulsion: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/10/nyregion/10hiram.html?hpw
    What a narcissistic bastard.

  • Athenia

    This guy represents my district. Urgh.

  • paperispatient

    Yeah, that’s on par with “I’m sorry you’re offended.”
    No, be sorry for the shitty thing you did.

  • KatieinNewYork

    Two things:
    A) He should have been booted when the video came out, whether he got convicted or not. His job was to be a public servant to the State of New York by representing the people of Queens and working to make the state better. Beating women does not do either of those things, and while I’m glad they booted him, they should have done it a long time ago.
    B) Had they done it a long time ago, we might have avoided the shenanigans he helped lead back in June when, ahem, he also should have been booted.
    I wish there was a formal process where constituents could call for someone to be kicked out of office. I don’t live there, so I don’t know what he’s done for Queens in the community, but everything he makes headlines for has been about him being a horrible person and senator, which is doing a disservice to his district. Recall!

  • Toongrrl

    Hopefully you’ll get someone who has respect for people.


    It speaks volumes about the moral bankruptcy of the Queens County Democratic Party machine that a disturbed person like Hiram Monserrate was allowed to run for office in the first place.
    Monserrate began his career in public service as a New York City police officer – but he was fired because he told an NYPD psychologist that he had fantasies about taking his side arm and killing a lot of people.
    Incidentally, when the NYPD fired Monserrate, he went to a great deal of trouble to be allowed to keep his side arm and to carry it in a concealed holster.
    For reasons that are entirely not clear, the NYPD let Monserrate retain his concealed carry permit privileges.
    That’s rare in NYC – normally, only licensed bodyguards, active duty law enforcement officers and law enforcement officers who retired from the agency they served in good standing.
    For everybody else, with few exceptions, concealed carry is forbidden by the Sullivan Law (New York State’s gun control statute).
    I’m not sure if Monserrate lost his concealed carry privileges when he got probation for trying to gouge his girlfriend’s eye out while in a jealous rage.
    I hope the NYPD revoked his concealed carry permit, but considering the fact that the department let him keep his guns despite the fact that they didn’t trust him on the street with a badge, they might have let him keep his permit and he might still have his pistol now.
    New York State is said to have the most dysfunctional state legislature in America – and the fact that Monserrate was even allowed to take his seat after his indictment is yet more evidence of that dysfunctionality.

  • franticdoll

    The fact that slashing your companion’s face in NY is only a misdemeanor is just as horrible. Perhaps I should write to my state rep.

  • Dena

    It’s about goddamn time. I agree with franticdoll. Why does his domestic violence only warrant a misdemeanor charge? Ugh.


    Basically, because, at the time of indictment, he was a sitting City Councilmember who was almost certain to be elected to the State Senate.
    Otherwise, he’d have been convicted of a more serious charge and done time.
    But, in the corrupt political culture of the Borough of Queens, the judge who tried him gave him a slap on the wrist (because the judge is a part of the same Queens County Democratic Party machine that Monserrate is and the judge depends on the machine to get reelected)