Superbowl Sexism: Spineless, skirtless edition

I’m sensing an anxious masculinity theme for the Superbowl commercials this year. I mean, we get it, dudes: You’re worried about being castrated by lavender scented candles and shopping with your lady friend. Go kill something, quick! And for the love of god, stop being nice to your girlfriend.

Amanda’s take on this one is dead on: “The way for a man to regain his balls/spine, suggested the ad, was to get a Flo TV so that he could passively-aggressively watch his game while pointedly ignoring his wife on their outing while technically obeying her overbearing feminine demands he’s powerless to resist openly. “

Transcript after the jump

Narrator (CBS Sportcaster Jim Nantz): Hello friends, we have an injury report on Jason Glasby [last name somewhat unclear]

As you can see, his girlfriend has removed his spine, rendering him incapable of watching the game.

Girlfriend: Come on, silly!

Nantz: Boy, that’s hard to watch.

Jason: (sniffing candle) How about lavender?

Nantz: How about not? Jason, get yourself the FloTV personal television. It’s live mobile TV so now live sports goes where you go. Change out of that skirt, Jason.

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