Feministing @ Creating Change 2010

Jos and I are headed to Creating Change at the end of this week, the nation’s largest LGBTQ conference hosted by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.
This is my third year attending the conference (see here for previous blogging from the conference) and I’m excited to be attending again and this time presenting about blogging.
Jos and I are doing a workshop with two bloggers from The Bilerico Project, Paige Schilt and Antonia D’orsay. Our session is called From Inclusive to Intersectional: the Joys and Challenges of Diverse Online Communities:

Multi-contributor blogs are virtual platforms where writers with different identities, experiences, and politics come together. In this workshop, editors and contributors from The Bilerico Project and Feministing will examine the challenges of creating inclusive communities for marginalized voices and issues. How do we create spaces where diverse perspectives are heard and nurtured? Based on real life case studies, this workshop will engage participants in dialogue about best practices for nurturing intersectional analyses and building new coalitions–online and off.

Jos and I will also be liveblogging from the conference, so stay tuned for more blog posts from Dallas!

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