Opportunity to influence the next edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves

A great opportunity from the folks who are updating the newest version of the women’s health classic, Our Bodies, Ourselves:

Our Bodies Ourselves is seeking up to two dozen women to participate in an online discussion on sexual relationships. Stories and comments may be used anonymously in the next edition of “Our Bodies, Ourselves,” which will be published in 2011 by Simon & Schuster.
We are seeking the experience and wisdom of heterosexual, lesbian, bisexual and queer women. Perspectives from single women are encouraged, and you may define relationship as it applies to you, from monogamy to multiple partners. We are committed to including women of color, women with disabilities, trans women and women of many ages and backgrounds.
In the words of the brilliant anthology “Yes Means Yes,” how can we consistently engage in more positive experiences? What issues deserve more attention? And how do we address social inequities and violence against women? These are some of the guiding questions that will help us to update the relationships section in “Our Bodies, Ourselves.”
The conversation will start Sunday, Feb. 14 (yes, Valentine’s Day) and stay open through Friday, March 12.

I’m participating in the process to revise and update the new edition, and I’m excited about how far the Editors are going to make sure this is the most relevant book possible.
Full information available here.

Participants will be invited to answer relevant questions (view sample questions at Our Bodies, Our Blog) and build on the responses of other participants. We’ll use a private Google site to post questions and responses.
Personal stories and reflections are welcomed, along with updated research and media resources. While we intend to use some of the stories and experiences in the book, names will not be published.
We hope the open process* will spark robust discussion. And we expect new questions to arise that challenge us to re-work this section even more.
If you would like to participate in this conversation, please e-mail OBOS editorial team member Wendy Sanford: wsanford@bwhbc.org
In your email, please tell us about yourself and what you would bring to the conversation. We need to hear from you by Feb. 5 and will let you know soon thereafter about participation. Thanks for considering this!
*We have thought a great deal about privacy. If you want to share a story or information, but do not want to participate in the private Google site discussion, please indicate that in your email. We may send you questions that you can answer on your own.

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