Grammy Awards open thread

I may be the only person alive who didn’t watch the Grammy Awards last night, but from the looks of my twitter feed there was a lot going on.
Beyoncé won six awards!
Taylor Swift beat out Lady Gaga for Album of the Year?!?
What did you think about last night’s Grammy Awards?

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  • Renee

    I think that when Taylor Swift wakes up this morning she should write a long and detailed thank you not to Kanye because without him we would not know who she is.

  • bbbf

    I didn’t watch the Grammys, however, after looking at the list of wins I think it is a joke. The majority of wins were by one or two people, and the same four or five people were nominated over and over and over. It is almost like a celebration of sold-out-ness as a musician. How many screaming 12 year olds follow your twit feed? How many music videos have made it to MTV? Well then HERE – you’re a great musician. I feel that A LOT of music is underrepresented and that is just plain unfair.

  • Anna

    Beyonce doin a rendition of Alanis’ You Oughta Know!!! I love Alanis and I think she exemplifies a lot of feminism in her work… Beyonce, on the other hand, exemplifies a type of pseudo-feminism, in my opinion. I can go on and on about Beyonce and this pseudo-feminism, but yeah. Just wanted to share, I didn’t appreciate her co-opting Alanis’ song. I know some of you will hate on me because Beyonces got a huge fanclub, but thought I should share my dismay anyways. (:

  • B. Atoureta

    I didn’t see them, but I never watch “awards” shows. A bunch of rich people giving “prizes” for to other rich people for playing dress up or badly singing songs other people wrote for them is hilarious and pathetic to me.

  • Flowers

    That really pisses me off. Taylor Swift has been a country music goddess for quite a while, and her success is NOT owed to a male who rudely jumped up on stage and nearly assaulted her while telling the whole world that she was not worthy of the award. She won tons of awards before Kanye, and she will continue to win awards because she is a talented musician. My god, can a woman not even get any credit for her own work on a feminist blog?

  • Hannah

    I personally don’t have a problem with that. The fact of the matter is that in order to get the votes, you have to be heard, and better-selling artists are going to be heard by more people. I don’t think anyone nominated was undeserving.
    There was a good mix of genres, ages, and styles represented by the winners. Album, Record, and Song of the Year all went to musicians from completely different genres. Then there’s winners like Jason Mraz, Imogen Heap, and Stephen Colbert in other categories.
    I also think it’s great that Taylor Swift did so well. As far as young female role models go, she’s better than a lot of others out there. She works hard and even though she’s in the limelight a lot, it’s not for bad things. I also really respect a young woman who writes all her own songs, plays an instrument, and sings on her platinum record.

  • bbbf


  • paperispatient

    As a huge Alanis fan who also enjoys a lot of Beyonce’s music, I had very mixed feelings about her cover. I thought the performance itself was great; the combination of You Oughta Know and If I Were a Boy was really interesting to me. I can see ways that they work well / contrast one another, but I personally can’t stand If I Were a Boy and I LOVE You Oughta Know…
    I also hate when performers have to edit songs and censor themselves when performing on live TV. I’d rather they perform something else entirely instead of rearranging lyrics in order to avoid “inappropriate” content.

  • digitalkath

    When watching the Grammy’s it’s important for me to remember that this is POP music. Not a representation of all the other great music that is happening. It would be frustrating to think that this is the best music has to offer.
    However, I respect that Taylor Swift plays a guitar, and writes her own songs…
    Colbert winning a grammy was the highlight!!!

  • digitalkath

    couldn’t agree more!

  • NUscoutmaster

    Nearly assaulted her? Are you kidding?! I can’t help but think you would have said that if a white man interrupted her. I’m getting really tired of feministing commenters not seeing their own privilege.

  • paperispatient

    I think that’s a pretty crappy and inaccurate thing to say. I despise country music, but I’d heard of her a year or so ago. She’s had songs on the radio, she’s been on magazine covers, she’s hosted SNL…

  • nikki#2


  • Flowers

    Check the footage. He pushed her and ripped the microphone out of her hand. Being black doesn’t excuse bad behaviour.

  • that girl

    It’s hardly antifeminist to say that Taylor Swift did not win completely on her own merits as a musician. While her success is not entirely due to Kanye, she definitely got a boost from the VMAs. Besides, nobody in the Grammys wins on their own merits. The makers of mass media are the ones who decide who is a star and who isn’t, based on how well people’s images sell. Kanye’s episode definitely helped sell Taylor Swift’s Teen Angel persona.
    That said, if I ever hear ‘You Belong With Me’ or ‘Love Story’ ever again, it will be to soon.

  • Toongrrl

    I love Taylor Swift!!!! No one knock her!!!! She’s a sweet and intelligent sister who has made a song that reflects the feelings of millions of us who’ve felt in love and heartbroken as well as hopeful
    See Helga G. Pataki and Tootie take on “You Belong to Me”


    Racism much?


    Well, I for one never heard of Taylor Swift until Kan’ye interrupted her!
    “Imma let you finish…” was the best thing to ever happen to Taylor Swift’s career!

  • NUscoutmaster

    Nope, I don’t see where he pushed her. I suggest you watch the clip again.
    He didn’t even touch her.
    She got her fame all on her own. Fine. Don’t use the tired old “black man attacking white girl” story to get your point across.

  • fatalemystique

    In the interest of full disclosure, I am a massive Lady Gaga fan. I bare Taylor Swift no ill will. She is good at what she does. She writes catchy, sweet songs that are easy to learn and sing. Young girls can understand and connect with her music.
    That being said, in my opinion, Lady Gaga deserved to win.
    1. Many people have called 2009 the year of Gaga. She had at least three top ten hits this year. Many ranked above Taylor Swift singles. I think that alone warrants Gaga having the best album of the year.
    2. Lady Gaga sings in all her performances and for the most part, she sings on key. I have never seen Taylor Swift sing on pitch/on key during a live performance. As a performer it’s her job to deliver a good show. Part of delivering a good show is singing well. I realize that everyone messes up, no performer is perfect, but my problem with her is that her bad singing has been consistent.
    I’m going to stop there. I don’t want this to get too long. I simply wanted to explain why I personally feel Lady Gaga should have won the Grammy for album of the year.

  • LalaReina

    I think Taylor Swift needs give Kanye a cut from here on out because…damn. I mean enough already. Pink was interesting, Jay Z got robbed, Roberta Flack looked crazy, the Blackeyed Peas were actually entertaining for a change.

  • CaseyDancer

    I lost all respect for Beyonce when I heard her sing “if ya like it ya shoulda put a ring on it” and “say I’m the one you own”
    Because that’s what her young female fans need to be be singin’ into their hairbrushes about – marriage/slavery??

  • KatieinNewYork

    HA! That’s basically how Colbert opened the show!

  • kandela

    It’s not true that the most heard will be the best.
    I know of an experiment that was conducted with web pages and closed sets of people. The idea was to see if the same songs would rise to the top of the most downloaded list for the different groups. The groups were chosen to be similar demographically. The songs were all from unknown artists.
    The same songs did not rise to the top in each group. Suggesting that popularity has little to do with quality.
    It seems that people would assume that the currently most popular songs were the best and they’d download them first. People would listen again to the songs they heard that they liked, rather than getting to the ones at the bottom of the list. But which songs were most downloaded initially had only to do with chance.

  • EthicallySexy

    I agree with you on this entire statement. I have never seen a performance by Swift where she sang well. She’s not my taste, but at least her produced songs sound good. Personally I was sad to see Stevie Nicks playing second fiddle to her, and glad when Stevie took a bit more control over the mic and didn’t allow Swift to solo it anymore.
    Gaga’s performance with Elton John was amazing, the look in her eyes when she was gazing across the piano seemed to show such admiration and genuine interest in the duet.
    And of course I love her outfits during the night.
    Pink’s performance I felt was also beautiful, the song wasn’t my favorite, but I couldn’t help but watch her twirling around spraying water everywhere. It felt more like performance art.