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Weekly Feminist Reader

TweetNew York Gov. David Paterson’s office was accused of intimidating a woman who tried to press domestic violence charges against one of his aides. Maryland will recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states. Women on public assistance testify on the Hill to change welfare policies. “A white person tossing out ‘girlfriend’ in a professional conversation [...]
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Comment Moderation

TweetHi folks! Community Moderator here. Just a note about comments– we’re currently on our Feministing retreat here in NY so comments may take a while to show up. It’ll be like this till about Tuesday when I go back to Cali. Sorry about this, thanks for your patience! Tweet
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The Feministing Five: Heather Corinna

TweetHeather Corinna, a writer and activist, is the founder of Scarleteen, one of the internet’s best sex ed resources for young people, and the author of S.E.X.: The All-You-Need-to-Know Progressive Sexuality Guide for Getting You Through High School and College. Scarleteen, which Corinna started in 1998, tries to fill the gaps left – whether intentionally [...]
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What We Missed: Snow Day!

TweetSorry I have to run out today. The Feministing folks are getting together this weekend and we are starting out with a training for our editors at the very awesome Women’s Media Center. We’ll be back on Monday! Shani-O on the pro-life billboard in Atlanta that is targeted to black women. Rachel Simmons on hook-up [...]
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Do You Actually Want Young People to Quit Smoking?

Tweet Nothing says you should quit smoking like conflating sexual assault with the effects of cigarettes. Via the NYTimes, a feminist activist in France speaks out, But the reaction on the Web site of Droits des Non-fumeurs has been mixed. One comment read, “The campaign trivializes sexual abuse — worse, it implies guilt on the [...]
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