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Quick Hit: A Medical School in Canada is Doing Pelvic Exams Without Consent?

TweetI haven’t been able to find any other material on this, but several readers have sent this in from the Globe and Mail. And it is disturbing. Medical students routinely practice doing internal pelvic examinations while surgery patients are unconscious, and without getting specific consent, at least in Canada. Guidelines in the United States and [...]
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The POTUS Needs More Questions from Women!

TweetOn Monday the President of the United States is sitting down with Steve Grove from CitizenTube and will be answering a series of questions generated directly from their Youtube channel. They have about eight video questions up right now, but none of them are from women. Submission guidelines are simple: Just click the submit a [...]
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Adoptees of color speak out against international adoption of Haitian children

TweetFollowing the earthquake in Haiti some people have been pushing for adoption of Haitian children by folks in the global north. This includes Penny Young Nance, CEO of the anti-choice, anti-feminist organization Concerned Women for America. A group called the Adoptees of Color Roundtable has issued a Statement on Haiti written from the perspective of [...]
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Pentagon to Reveal Plan to Repeal DADT

TweetObama made brief mention at the SOTU on Wednesday that he will be taking steps to repeal ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,’ and it appears that the Pentagon will be unveiling the steps they plan on taking to abolish a grossly homophobic and frankly inhumane policy. Gates and Mullen are not expected to offer a specific [...]
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What We Missed

TweetCoates kills it on Chris Matthews. Rohin Guha asks “Why doesn’t America trust its leading ladies?” in response to Forbes list of the 10 most trusted celebrities, only one of which is a woman. “In India’s relatively young financial industry, women not only are some of the top deal makers, they are often running the [...]
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