The POTUS Needs More Questions from Women!

On Monday the President of the United States is sitting down with Steve Grove from CitizenTube and will be answering a series of questions generated directly from their Youtube channel. They have about eight video questions up right now, but none of them are from women.
Submission guidelines are simple: Just click the submit a question button on the top right. If you are doing a video, keep it to 20 seconds or less and you can text questions as well, but they would prefer video. On the right hand side of the CitizenTube homepage there is a list of topics to ask from.
Let’s let the POTUS know the women have questions about the future of this country like anyone else. If you put up a video, let us know in comments so we can watch and vote!
Check the YouTube blog for more information.

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  • Pythia

    I wanted to ask President Obama about when he is going to get CEDAW ratified by the US. (UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.) For those who don’t know, the US still has not ratified it after about 30 years along with a handful of countries such as the Sudan. Please google for further info.
    I am a senior whose only income is social security; I don’t have any other assets. I don’t have video on my PC nor can I afford a cell phone nor all the other technology. Having to use video or texting seems elitist and classist to me; it leaves people like me out of many avenues communications.
    I tried to explore the White House website, but it is very complicated.
    Pythia Crone

  • Rosie

    Why do you need to use an acronym when a single word does just as well? Nobody, if you just say ‘the President’, is going to wonder who you’re talking about.

  • christinedepresent

    I’ve submitted a question about rape in the military. Please vote for my question. (Go to the CitizenTube page and search for ‘stop military rape’.) Voting ends at 8 pm tonight!
    Here is my question: Mr. President, you honor women serving in the armed forces in every speech you give. But the truth is that one in three enlisted women is sexually assaulted while serving her country. According to a CBS report, in 2007 less than 12 percent of sexual assault investigations led to prosecution. With such a low rate of prosecution it follows that, according to the Pentagon, 80% of military sexual assaults are never reported. As Commander in Chief, what are you doing to both prevent and prosecute military rape?
    If you’re interested, Katie Couric did a short report on the problem last year and Helen Benedict has a great article in Slate from 2007.

  • everybodyever

    I can’t help but think of that old Saturday Night Live sketch, “Ask President Carter” — you know, the one on which Dan Aykroyd, as Carter, held a call-in television show on which he coached citizens through arcane machine repairs and bad acid trips. (Somehow I suspect this actual “CitizenTube” project will yield fluffier answers to more vague questions…)