BREAKING: Scott Roeder Found Guilty Of Murdering Dr. George Tiller

The late Dr. Tiller
via TPM.

A Kansas jury just found Scott Roeder guilty of first degree murder in the killing of abortion doctor George Tiller at his church last May.
The jury reportedly deliberated for less than hour. Roeder, an extremist anti-abortion activist, admitted on the stand that he killed Tiller.
Roeder was also found guilty on two counts of aggravated assault for pointing his gun at church ushers.

He will getting life in prison, with a chance of parole after 25 years (Kansas Star via TPM).
Nancy Keenan has made a statement,

“The jury examined the facts of this case and rightfully convicted Scott Roeder for the brutal murder of Dr. George Tiller inside his church in Kansas. Our thoughts are with Dr. Tiller’s family and friends. Even though this conviction brings a murderer to justice, it won’t replace the husband, father, and grandfather they lost last May. Dr. Tiller was a tireless advocate for reproductive health who called on us to ‘trust women’ to make the personal, private decisions that are best for them and their families. We will continue to honor his legacy of compassion and resolve.”

Sending best wishes to his family. His legacy will not be forgotten.

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