What We Missed

Coates kills it on Chris Matthews.

Rohin Guha asks “Why doesn’t America trust its leading ladies?” in response to Forbes list of the 10 most trusted celebrities, only one of which is a woman.
“In India’s relatively young financial industry, women not only are some of the top deal makers, they are often running the show.”
Apparently in Canada, medical students practice pelvic exams on women who are in surgery without their consent.
Immigrant rights leader Pramila Jayapal on her reaction to the State of the Union over at the Women’s Media Center: “I watched President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech ready to fall in love again or to wage war. I came out cautiously optimistic but afraid to be burned yet again, encouraged and yet disappointed, all at the same time. Perhaps that is a fitting response to a man who has the capacity to engender so much hope in a truly flawed political system, making disappointment inevitable.”

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