The iPad: Where are the women on Apple’s branding team?

The internets are aflutter with the announcement of Apple’s new tablet, which is apparently called the iPad. I just have to call out what a lot of you are probably thinking, too: Are there NO women on Apple’s branding team? Not a single person who might have said, “Hey, this sounds like a menstrual product, not a revolutionary piece of technology?”

Or, for nighttime protection, iPad with wings. No word yet on whether they’re developing a version with a moisture-lock liner.

Nothing against ladies who prefer to use pads (I mean, the i’Pon is an equally awful name…). But wow. Can we get some investigative reporters to figure out whether there were any women involved in this decision?

On a related note, check out the prior wikipedia entry for “iPad.” And, more seriously, this interesting post on Apple and class signaling. (h/t Lauren.)

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