The iPad: Where are the women on Apple’s branding team?

The internets are aflutter with the announcement of Apple’s new tablet, which is apparently called the iPad. I just have to call out what a lot of you are probably thinking, too: Are there NO women on Apple’s branding team? Not a single person who might have said, “Hey, this sounds like a menstrual product, not a revolutionary piece of technology?”

Or, for nighttime protection, iPad with wings. No word yet on whether they’re developing a version with a moisture-lock liner.

Nothing against ladies who prefer to use pads (I mean, the i’Pon is an equally awful name…). But wow. Can we get some investigative reporters to figure out whether there were any women involved in this decision?

On a related note, check out the prior wikipedia entry for “iPad.” And, more seriously, this interesting post on Apple and class signaling. (h/t Lauren.)

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  • A female Marine

    There are very few other uses of “pad” alone. People keep saying “notepad” and “launchpad” but duh, NOTE and LAUNCH.

  • DalekSec

    Nerd Pride :)

  • aleks

    I just have to call out what a lot of you are probably thinking, too: Are there NO women on Apple’s branding team?
    Because as always, all women everywhere take their lead from Feministing. If they don’t think like you do, then they’re not women!
    Apple actually knows a great deal about marketing to women:

  • kandela

    Isn’t it a sanitary pad and not just a pad?
    A apartment/home is often referred to as a pad. Most people I know say pad rather than notepad. If you play cricket there is no other word for the pads that protect your legs; they are simply called ‘pads.’
    According to Merriam-Webster there are 13 different distinct meanings of pad, not all of which form part of a compound word. The first meaning is to traverse on foot. Others include: a path, a horse that moves along at an easy pace, the foot of an animal, a floating leaf of a water plant, a collection of pages glued at one end, a soft muffled or slapping sound.
    One of the compound words is: touch-pad: : a keypad for an electronic device (as a microwave oven) that consists of a flat surface divided into several differently marked areas which are touched to choose options.
    I’m pretty sure it was this that Apple had in mind when they named the product, and given that there are other similar and similarly named products on the market (thinkPad), surely that should be the first thing people think of. This definition has been around since 1979, so we’ve had plenty of time to associate ‘pad’ with electronic devices.

  • Adelaida

    Apples’ propriety development of software is also a violation of reaching social justice:

  • kandela

    A Canadian lingerie company, Coconut Grove Pads, has the right to market iPad padded bras.
    I guess they musn’t have had any women on their marketing team either eh?

  • emmajane

    I had the same thought as this post when I found out the name – seriously, do women not count in how they tested this name? To me I took the name as a blindness to women, that they really may not have thought about it’s connotations at all, like the products some women use (pads) were completely off their radar – it made feel kind of angry, actually, and like yeah, wow, are there really no women involved in their marketing or market testing? I totally get the problem with some of the period jokes that have followed the ongoing logic ‘ew periods gross’ but the name feels more like women’s experiences were just a blind spot.