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Guest poster Jennifer Bartlett writes about feminism and disability over at delirious hem.
The Daily Show disappoints. White women as chattel? Seriously? Air America has filed for bankruptcy and is closing down.
Feminists in Haiti mourns death of three great leaders. And in service of the future: Feminist International Solidarity camp “Myriam Merlet” to open on Haitian-Dominican Republic Border next week.
All-female Australian building team promote acceptance of women in the construction industry.
Focus on the Family, a Christian non-profit group, said it will air its first Super Bowl spot, allegedly with anti-abortion content, during the upcoming game.
“No, Martha Coakley didn’t lose because she is a woman. But had Scott Brown been one, he wouldn’t have won.”

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  • cebes

    Yes, how dare The Daily Show be satirical. For shame.


    Australian builder Sam Sheppard’s effort to encourage women to go into the construction trades by having a house built by an all woman crew is great – far too many contractors are reluctant to hire women at all, it’s awesome that Sheppard is willing to show that women can do the work as well or better than men.
    Too bad that the article on Sheppard’s fine effort felt the need to refer to the “all girl” crew!
    These are grown women doing a grown woman job – they’re nobody’s “girls”!

  • Mariella

    When I clicked on the Daily Show link it just had a notice about Air America going bankrupt. Does anyone know what the Daily Show did, and want to summarize or link me to something? Please :)

  • Chelsa

    Uh, is anyone else just getting a bankruptcy notice on that Daily Show link?

  • Holly from the Rural MidWest

    Yet another great reason to boycott the Superbowl.

  • Jen

    So, um. That Daily Show link, via Air America, doesn’t work.
    Because apparently, Air America filed for bankruptcy. And so that link, and the rest of their website, now only has a thorough explanation of why they’re shutting down.
    So very sad.

  • Sigmund

    Do you have another link for the Daily Show? All I got was some kind of message about that particular website closing down and filing for bankruptcy. :/

  • Ms. Junior

    The Daily Show link is no longer available.

  • emmakitty

    The Daily Show link just takes me to a sight saying Air America is now bankrupt. Is that just me or is it a broken link?

  • makomk

    It appears Air America has gone out of business. Google Cache version of the article about the Daily Show here, for now.

  • marle

    Well, I can’t read why the Daily Show was offensive, because now that page just says Air America is dead!!! Noooo!!!!

  • Comrade Kevin

    The problem is that we don’t focus on the sexism that really exists and instead focus on the stereotypical sexism that likely is always present but is not nearly as much of a factor as that which gets scant attention.

  • Shadowen

    If the link was about what I think it was about, it was from their show that focused pretty tightly on Scott Brown. They came off as defending him from Keith Olbermann’s somewhat hyperbolic insults, even when he had at best acted imprudently and at worst was outright misogynist.
    If that’s not what the article was about, just ignore this whole post.

  • makomk

    Well, it’s not like Air America is any position to sue over this, so:
    “On “The Daily Show” Monday night, Wyatt Cenac went to the African-Americans For Reid kick-off event in Las Vegas to get his apology–in the form of a steak dinner–from Majority Leader Harry Reid over Reid’s much-reported “Negro” comments.
    Unfortunately for Cenac, Reid wasn’t in attendance. What Cenac did accept in lieu of an apology or a steak was the attention of two white exotic dancers. Because, of course, Reid (and, by extension, white men) have dominion over the bodies of “their” (i.e., white) women that they can temporarily “grant” men of color to make up for racism. Goodness knows there’s nothing sexist about that–and nothing racist about indicating that you can distract men of color from racism with a few gyrating white women’s bodies.”
    I don’t personally remember that, though.