Thank You Thursdays: Lady Gaga

We’ve said it before. We’ll probably say it again: Lady Gaga makes us swoon. (She also sometimes lets us down.)
In any case, awesome high school commentator, Lilly, writes a piece on why she thinks that Lady Gaga is a role model over at Rachel Simmons’ blog. It is not to be missed. An excerpt:

I love that Lady Gaga is not afraid to be weird. As I explained in my blog about Halloween costumes, teenage girls have a hard time being goofy. Remaining cozy and nestled between the Os of “cool” feels safe. Venturing beyond our narrow definition of cool isn’t easy when, as a girl, you’re pretty sure everyone is watching and judging you at all times. Lady Gaga thinks outside of the box and lives outside of those double Os.
From her crazy hair to the odd visuals of her music videos, she does whatever the crack she wants. And what she wants to do is be weird. But paradoxically, because she is so un-cool, Lady Gaga is….cool. She is an oxymoron; the jumbo shrimp of coolness. If that’s not reason enough to view her as a role model, I don’t know what will convince you people.

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