Coakley and the Gender Gap

Today is the special election in MA to fill the late Senator Kennedy’s seat and we need Martha Coakley to win. But while women’s groups have thrown down support for her, it seems that she is not getting the support she needs from women voters. Dana Goldstein looks at why this might be so,

Coakley did not go out of her way, especially during the general-election campaign, to play up her feminist credentials. She never filmed a general-election ad that presented a positive image of herself as a defender of reproductive rights and civil liberties, as opposed to just attacking Brown on those issues. She also never fully embraced the message that her ascension to the Senate would be historic, putting the number of women serving in the upper chamber at 18, an all-time high. She has called her gender “secondary,” eschewing the more emotional feminist appeal that Hillary Clinton made in the final months of her presidential campaign.

It is so hard to predict which is the most effective tactic, hiding your feminism or making it blatant, but Dana continues with the shifting mood of the country against repro rights after the health care debates, which has re-centralized value voter issues. Go read the rest of the article to get a clear picture of how gender is playing out in this race.

And sadly Brown’s people are using
sexist tactics and intimidating voters.
Today is a very important election. If you are interested in supporting getting the vote out but are not in MA, you can always phone bank.

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