shame on TIME for an offensive article!

This is the opening paragraph to TIME’s article :

When cougars gather for a convention in Las Vegas next week, they’ll have a lot on their vigorous plates. There’s the keynote address — “Younger Men/Older Women: The Ideal Combination” — not to mention voting for Miss Cougar Las Vegas. But an equally weighty topic is likely to create as much buzz among these ladies: Carnival Cruise Line’s decision not to book anymore cougar-themed groups for cruises.

I was so confused at first. Cougars? What the hell was TIME talking about? Then I realized they were talking about OLDER WOMEN. At first, when I saw the headline of the article, I assumed it was about ANIMALS– COUGARS, you know, as in WILD CATS.

Needless to say, I was shocked and dumb-founded that a professional news magazine would start off the article by using the offensive, tasteless word, COUGAR S instead of calling them older women .

Seriously, TIME? If you had written an article on older men and younger females, I doubt that the article would be started off “when PIMP DADDIES (or SUGAR DADDIES) gather for a convention..”

I’m really f–king sick of how the media discusses and portrays older women and I’m not even an “older woman.”

This is my Friday Feminist FUCK YOU to TIME!!!

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