shame on TIME for an offensive article!

This is the opening paragraph to TIME’s article :

When cougars gather for a convention in Las Vegas next week, they’ll have a lot on their vigorous plates. There’s the keynote address — “Younger Men/Older Women: The Ideal Combination” — not to mention voting for Miss Cougar Las Vegas. But an equally weighty topic is likely to create as much buzz among these ladies: Carnival Cruise Line’s decision not to book anymore cougar-themed groups for cruises.

I was so confused at first. Cougars? What the hell was TIME talking about? Then I realized they were talking about OLDER WOMEN. At first, when I saw the headline of the article, I assumed it was about ANIMALS– COUGARS, you know, as in WILD CATS.

Needless to say, I was shocked and dumb-founded that a professional news magazine would start off the article by using the offensive, tasteless word, COUGAR S instead of calling them older women .

Seriously, TIME? If you had written an article on older men and younger females, I doubt that the article would be started off “when PIMP DADDIES (or SUGAR DADDIES) gather for a convention..”

I’m really f–king sick of how the media discusses and portrays older women and I’m not even an “older woman.”

This is my Friday Feminist FUCK YOU to TIME!!!

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  • Spiffy McBang

    I can understand why you’d find the article offensive if the term “cougar” is new to you, but as it stands I don’t think the article is bad at all. I thought it was somewhat positive, actually- it’s showing that these older women are not shying away from what they want, and in that vein claiming the term as their own; it brings up the double standard between older men/younger women and the reverse; it asks why they’re being treated in an apparently unfair way by Carnival; and it defends them in pointing out they hadn’t done anything particularly rowdy.
    Honestly, I don’t think there was anything in it offensive other than the word “cougar”- and I really don’t think TIME threw it out there because they were being sexist. It seems like they felt the term is so well-worn that the great majority of their readership would know what it meant right away, and the rest, such as yourself, would figure it easily enough. Thus there was no need to explain it up front.
    TIME’s had some stupid articles, but I’m not sure this is way up the list.

  • aleks

    The women are calling themselves cougars (Miss Cougar Las Vegas, International Cougar Cruise, Miss Cougar America). You think TIME should reject their self categorization and just refer to them as “older women,” which many would would hate being called and which would not even get to the point of what they have in common?

  • Brianna G

    To be fair, the women themselves call the cruises “cougar cruises” and refer to themselves as cougars. The term is not usually derogatory to the women who use it, attend cougar cruises, and participate in cougar pageants– instead, it’s a proud statement of their own sexuality and their way of saying “I’m NOT just an older woman, I’m a sexual being, I’m attractive, and I have no problem seeking out and enjoying so-called “scandalous” relationships with younger men!”
    It’s not actually offensive to these women– the word, which was never exceptionally offensive to begin with, has been so completely reclaimed that it’s usually considered a compliment to an older woman that she’s still “got it.” This may itself be a comment about sexuality and culture, but it’s hardly an insult to call a woman something she considers a compliment.