What We Missed (And some early birthday wishes)

Our gal Courtney’s birthday isn’t until tomorrow, but since we won’t be posting until the new year I wanted to make sure she still got some serious birthday love. Anyone who has ever met Courtney knows that she is probably one of the most genuine, warm, amazing women you will ever meet. She also is not adverse to potentially embarrassing herself in the name of friendship (see above and here), which makes her pretty much the coolest person ever. So please leave your lovely b-day wishes for C in comments.

Now for something completely different…

Sarah Thomas, one of five women who officiate major college football, became the first woman to official a bowl game when she worked the Little Caesars Bowl on Saturday.

Apparently women can tell if dudes are into them by the smell of their sweat. Now that’s a study I wouldn’t want to be a participant of…

There may be a stroke risk for older women on anti-depressants.

Rihanna has been told to “cover up” for a New Year’s Eve’s concert in Abu Dhabi.

This isn’t a new article, but can I just say I kinda heart Rashida Jones?

See ya next year, feministas!

FYI: We won’t be moderating comments until the new year, so please be patient if your comment is held up in the queue.  Even feminist bloggers need a vacation every now and then.

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  • Jessica

    Happy birthday to my tramp.

  • hellotwin

    I met Courtney at a presentation related to her book Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters and I can’t agree more. She was a great speaker and seemed like such a passionate, warm person. She has a quotation on my facebook favorite quotes spot too…Happy Birthday, Courtney!

  • Ubat

    Happy birthday Courtney! I hope you get lots of love and just generally have an awesome day!

  • Steven

    The article on sweat linked itself to what is turning out to be a fascinating detailing of how smells (and stuff we don’t know we are smelling) affects our behavior.

  • Ann

    Any dame that will sniff a boner dollar for the camera is aces in my book. Love ya, Court. Happy 3-0!

  • James

    Happy birthday to a fellow New Year’s Eve baby! Everyone parties on our birthday!

  • Megs

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • LalaReina

    feliz cumpleaños Court have some coquito (PuerToRIcaN egg nog) and rum on me.

  • bethcharette

    Yes, a Happy Birthday Courtney.
    And, Happy New Year. As I write this, it is 3 minutes to the New Year, December 31st, 2009.
    From what I can read here, you have a great fan club going. Keep it us.

  • Genel Kultur

    Happy birthday! :)

  • kece80

    Happy Birthday Courtney!! Thank you for your honest, humorous, and often personal reflections! So many of your posts have made me think more about issues I never would have realized affect me so much. I’m glad you were born :)

  • aka spike the cat

    Happy birthday!!!

  • EvilSlutClique

    Happy Birthday Courtney!

  • tsokol

    Happy Birthday
    Happy New Year
    Happy Holidays
    Now, how about some Monty pics. to celebrate the new year.

  • Courtney

    Thanks everyone! Happy new year to y’all.

  • lovelyliz

    God, I adore Rashida Jones – and the Monty Python reference I’m hoping you were going for with the transition line.