Shameless self promotion: Big Think and Purity Myth News

I recently did an interview with the amazing folks at Big Think (seriously, they’re awesome – take some time to peruse the site). We spoke about everything from feminist blogging to Lady Gaga. There are a ton of clips – and the full interview here. Below is me talking about my biggest career mistake.

Transcript after the jump.

In other news, I have some super exciting news about The Purity Mythcheck it out at my personal site.

So, since it’s only fair – do your own shameless self promoting in comments. What are you working on these days?

Biggest career mistake. I think my biggest career mistake has been taking on too much. And I think this is kind of — I think it’s related to the Internet world, where you’re always multitasking and you have a million windows open and you feel like you can do a lot at the same time. And of course the down side of that is that you’re not taking a lot of time to be thoughtful and to think about each piece that you’re reading or each thing that you’re writing. And I do wish — along the way sometimes you look back at the stuff that you blogged five years ago, and you can’t believe that you wrote that. I do wish that I would have taken more time to be thoughtful with everything that I put out into the world, rather than be so excited that anyone was listening that I just kind of spewed it out as quickly as possible.

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