Shameless self promotion: Big Think and Purity Myth News

I recently did an interview with the amazing folks at Big Think (seriously, they’re awesome – take some time to peruse the site). We spoke about everything from feminist blogging to Lady Gaga. There are a ton of clips – and the full interview here. Below is me talking about my biggest career mistake.

Transcript after the jump.

In other news, I have some super exciting news about The Purity Mythcheck it out at my personal site.

So, since it’s only fair – do your own shameless self promoting in comments. What are you working on these days?

Biggest career mistake. I think my biggest career mistake has been taking on too much. And I think this is kind of — I think it’s related to the Internet world, where you’re always multitasking and you have a million windows open and you feel like you can do a lot at the same time. And of course the down side of that is that you’re not taking a lot of time to be thoughtful and to think about each piece that you’re reading or each thing that you’re writing. And I do wish — along the way sometimes you look back at the stuff that you blogged five years ago, and you can’t believe that you wrote that. I do wish that I would have taken more time to be thoughtful with everything that I put out into the world, rather than be so excited that anyone was listening that I just kind of spewed it out as quickly as possible.

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  • Marisa

    I have a blog (although just a small WordPress one) that I have been working on since October that I hope to do more and more with! The blog can be found right here.
    I also would like to say that if anybody has any feminist related projects that they would like some help/involvement with, I’m always excited for anything I can get involved in so shoot me an email, please! My contact information can be found on the blog’s “about Femiwhat” section!

  • littlefox

    Shameless self-promotion? Gosh, don’t mind if I do.
    Here’s a project I did that was particularly fun:
    It’s a (hopefully not too objectifying) list of the hottest male video-game characters of 2009. I see so many lists of video-game vixens and never any for the dudes. It’s my little way of “reminding” the video-game industry that hetero women and gay men play their games, even if we aren’t considered in their marketing strategies.
    I address that problem more seriously in this post about the free nudity pack for the female strippers in a game called The Saboteur:
    Yay, that was fun. Thanks for clicking on my links, to anybody who does.

  • Athenia

    Yay for feminist history and the suffragettes!

  • Shira

    My fairly new blog on Jewish feminism!
    So far, I have addressed sex ed in Jewish day schools, The Red Tent, Stupak, and Nicholas Kristof. Check it out!

  • Gina Christo

    I’ve been working on trying to regularly update my political blog. It’s about American politics from a younger (some times more admittedly ideological) perspective. It’s called Ramblings of a Teenage Liberal and can be found at!
    Thanks to all the awesome bloggers above me for posting some great stuff, and thank you to the Feministing women for being a blogging inspiration!

  • Gender Across Borders

    Lots of things going on at Gender Across Borders (GAB):
    We’re hosting the next Feminist Carnival (official website is here), if you want to submit something that you wrote that deal with feminism and/or other anti-oppression issues. Given the nature of Gender Across Borders, preference will be given to blog posts about countries other than the United States. However, we will likely include a few U.S.-centric posts, so feel free to submit those as well. More info about submitting to the 11th Feminist Carnival is here.
    Are you a performance arts feminist? GAB is also looking for a performance arts (dance/theater; does not include music) intern for Winter 2010. To read more about the position description and application instructions, go here. Application is due by January 15, 2010.
    FINALLY, Gender Across Borders is having a series in late-January called Hip-hop, Resistance & Feminism and we’re accepting submissions and pitches that have to do with hip-hop and feminism. Application instructions and more info is here! Apply by January 15, 2010.
    GAB is on break until January 4, 2010, so we’ll see you in the new year! And happy new year to the Feministing community!

  • Destra

    Neat! Congrats on the interview.

  • FLT

    Thanks for this opportunity!
    There’s my feminist picture book: Help Wanted, available throught (from Amazon)(Help Wanted + Toth)
    Lisa wants a job. A good one. But it’s the 1970’s, and she’s a girl. How can she get the job she wants? With delightful pictures full of period detail, Help Wanted tells the story of one girl–but a story common to the era. When it was still legal to segregate job ads by gender, how could a girl succeed? Lisa educates herself into the life she wants. Young children will enjoy determined Lisa; older readers will notice how gender roles have changed and continue to change.

  • Chenilla-O

    Congrats on the interview. I might have to take you up on the shameless self promotion thing.
    I run my own blog about women in music called don’t dance her down boys:
    I am also one of the many volunteers who are running the next ladyfest in london 2010.
    We have our own website, , and we are hoping ladyfest will happen in november 2010.
    If anyone in the london area wants to get invovled just visit our website for more details.

  • Toongrrl

    Shameless Self Promotion? ehhh???I
    am developing ideas for a disney
    lesbian fairy tale.
    It’s about a insecure young woman
    ironically named, Jezebel, who
    has to adhere to a tradition that
    dictates she starts a 3 year
    engagement at her present age of 19 or she spends the rest of her life in
    celibacy like her
    bawdy and insecure aunt Aggie.
    Jezebel is quiet and
    awkward and obviously holds
    no intrest in any man, even the
    irrepressable young man that
    woos her. She spends her time
    with Aggie, her animal friends
    (a sassy and psycho flying pig named Peggy and a loudmouthed bunny named Jolene)
    and Auntie Aggie’s friend
    Chantal (based on Mo’Nique)
    and soon happens to have snuck
    into the forest where a gay party
    She soon falls for and meets a
    clarivoyant and witty princess
    named Rosalyn (named for fmr.
    First Lady Carter and based on
    Rachel Maddow) who is already
    together with a beautiful fairy
    (sad sigh), on top of all that
    Jezebel has
    accidentally been outed
    in her family
    (disappointment follows) and she
    ends up selling her
    special talent (
    making the most out-of-this-world
    potions) to an evil coven
    (based on Rev. Dobson and
    Anita Bryant, with Sarah Palin
    as a minion) in order to be
    able to be close to Rosalyn.
    What she doesn’t know is that
    she’s been part of a 36 year
    plot to kill Rosalyn
    (based on “Sleeping Beauty” and
    Rosalyn/Rachel Maddow’s age).
    Music by Taylor Swift?
    What do ya’ll think? That is if u
    are not self promoting!!!!
    Well what do ya’ll think?

  • Toongrrl

    I am writing a lesbian disney fairy

  • ninjanurse

    What happens when a verbal abuser finds himself flat on his back depending on the same people he disparaged?
    It ain’t pretty.
    Get well soon, Rush Limbaugh, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  • LadySydney4

    Well, it’s not much but I do have a wikipedia page:
    And just out of curiosity can anyone guess why I chose the user name “LadySydney”???

  • LadySydney4

    Oh, and I also loved the video!!!