Photo of the Day

an American Apparel storefront with spraypainted pink graffiti on the front that says Sexism is soooo hip right now! -end.

via Commas and Clauses. Thanks to Holly for the head’s up.

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  • Nancy Shrew

    *round of applause*

  • Ellen Marie-Frances

    pink spray paint FTW!

  • another constellation

    I laughed out loud.

  • bartelbe

    They’re a clothes store, if you don’t like the clothes don’t buy them. Besides they will take that graffiti and use it in an advert. It is what I would do.

  • Nurse_PhD

    Dang! Wish I’d done that.

  • instrumentjamlord

    Vandalism is so hip right now.

  • Dykonoclast

    I love that this has been up for five days and no one has said anything annoying about how property is sacrosanct, even at the expense of human dignity.
    Pink spraypaint is an important tool in the defense of human dignity, I find.