MTV, Please Try a Little Harder at Insulting Women, Please

So I was innocently looking up new on the new Sherlock Holmes flick starring Robert Downey, Jr, mostly because my HUGE CAPSLOCK-WORTHY crush on that man grows day by day. And so I come across this MTV feature where they ask stars RDJ and Jude Law, who plays Watson who the “girl” is in the relationship of Watson and Holmes. But apparently, they already had the answer.

“in the movie Sherlock is definitely the girl in the relationship (Those temper tantrums! That manipulation!)”


According to MTV, to be the “girl” in the relationship is to by a hysterical manipulator. Hey guess what MTV, not ever relationship in the world is the sick fantasy that is Bella Swan and Edward Cullen (of, course in this case, I’d guess they’d define Edward as the “girl”.

The question itself is disgusting. Why does there have to be a “girl” in the Holmes/Watson relationship? Pardon me, but is this not about the relationship between two men? But no, as a society, we have to define things in a black and white, gender-specific society where we can identify what is lesser and what is greater and of course, to be the “girl” is to be the lesser. Because females are lesser. Femininity is to be sniffed out and branded immediately so it’s out there for us all to point and sneer at.

But thanks, MTV, for demonizing being female again. It’s bad enough the way you broadcast shows which only show the most shallow, inarticulate, idiotic examples of women out there (Heidi Montag, Snooki, the girls on My SUper Sweet Sixteen), and promote images of women simply for their sex appeal, but now you’ve just gone out and said it: Girls are manipulative and prone to temper tantrums. Well guess what? There are more girls out there than the morons you have on your shows. The world is a much bigger place than the shallow pathetic hole you glamorize and promote daily.

Great job making derogatory remarks about 50% of the planet. And if anyone thinks I’m over-reacting, imagine if they had said this about Jews, or people of color, or Muslims. But I guess it’s okay to be derogatory towards women.

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