Domestic violence does wonders for ratings

Apparently, getting arrested for abusing your spouse will do amazing things for an actor’s career. From the New York Post:

Sheen’s comedy series, “Two and a Half Men” is back in the No. 1 spot.

Monday night’s episode, the first time the show has aired since Sheen was jailed for allegedly putting a knife to his wife’s throat, drew 11.1 million viewers to watch a rerun of the hit CBS comedy. That was enough to make it the most-watched program of the evening, according to preliminary ratings.

Incredible. As Broadsheet recently pointed out, Sheen has a long history of violence against women yet continues to do incredibly well career-wise. In fact, with his $825k per episode salary – he may be the highest paid actor in television right now. 

It appears that when it comes to television, violence against women still doesn’t matter.

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  • Lisa_G

    I don’t like him at all! he should be in jail!

  • SterlingSHA

    That’s the entertainment industry. Chris Brown is still making music, Charlie Sheen is still acting, R.Kelly is still running the Chocolate Factory and just now Roman Polanski is FINALLY being held responsible for being a pedophile. It only to them, what thirty years to do something about it.

  • DeafBrownTrash

    it bothers me that the media makes a bigger deal about guys who practice animal cruelty than about guys who beat their wives or GFs. the media was in cahoots over Michael Vicks after the dog abuse scandal broke, yet no one is making an uproar over Sheen the Wife Beater (except on feminist and progressive blogs, that is).
    Fuck that guy.

  • Tess

    This is just so appalling to hear this. Why isn’t Sheen getting some form of retribution for his actions? This makes me so angry and sad…

  • opinionated

    It’s a business, those who make money off of Sheen don’t care what he does in his personal life. If anything they are grateful that he is on TMZ, People Magazine and any other entertainment news he’s on.
    Ratings = sponsors= money
    Many people support their families of that man’s talent and skill being used on that particular show (the only thing he’s been good at as actor).
    It’s not a show with feminine specific sponsors, so it doesn’t matter to them that he has a problem.
    What would matter is if he got arrested and was not able to perform his contractual duty as an actor on the series.
    Until the law cares, why on earth would people who profit off of him care?
    Sorry, I know that sounds rough, but, that’s the way show business runs.

  • TigerLily

    I have to admit that I didn’t realize that Charlie was a repeat offender until I read that Broadsheet post. I think it’s because Sheen and his handlers have really embranced framing him as a “bad boy” and his 2.5 Men character is a softer version of his tabloid image.
    I also see that the blaming and shaming of the victim has begun. PopEater just put up a post about Brooke Mueller Sheen’s criminal and substance abuse history.

  • Athenia

    A few theories:
    1) Charlie Sheen is a former movie star who is now a TV “star” which is probably why they pay him so much. Or his agent is that good. Or the good ol’ boys club.
    2) Charlie Sheen has always seemed very likable to me, so it seems hard to believe that he would do those things…hence the tuning in.
    3) Honestly, I feel like people don’t care about Charlie Sheen enough to follow his life 24/7. So they forget he’s a douchebag. Kinda like Robert Downy Jr.

  • hindeviola

    Huh. My parents liked that show and watched it frequently, and their reaction to this news was, “Well, I guess we won’t watch Two and a Half Men anymore.” Which strikes me as the SENSIBLE reaction to such news.

  • singowt

    Ten demerits for me for reading the Broadsheet comments. The blatant misogyny over there is truly frightening. Avoid at all costs.
    Off to wash out my brain.

  • ashley27

    Isn’t the NYP’s piece assuming correlation without a great deal of data?
    Perhaps people tuned in as most programs on Monday were a rerun; in addition, many people haven’t followed celebrity news as closely over the holidays and might be unaware of Sheen’s situation.
    It will be interesting to see the size of the audience over the next month or so (and I’m hoping it drops), but I think jumping to conclusions that people are watching and not caring about his domestic violence charge after one week might be jumping the gun.

  • Lilith Luffles

    I hate that show. It is so blatantly anti-woman, I’m honestly not surprised that Charlie Sheen is abusive considering his character. I guess anyone who was looking for proof that society has agreed that women are awful people unless they agree to be objects to sleep with and then leave when you want needs look no further.
    Wasn’t it Hulk Hogan who beat his wife right after a skit where he yelled at her to stay in her dressing room or something like that?

  • DeafBrownTrash

    “2) Charlie Sheen has always seemed very likable to me, so it seems hard to believe that he would do those things…hence the tuning in.”
    are you fucking kidding me? How many times have we heard this about wife beaters, abusive guys, and rapists?

  • LalaReina

    So this guy who is accused of putting a knife to his wife’s throat goes merrily on his way and Tiger Woods is reviled because he likes fuck outside the home? Who’s the criminal?

  • Sandra


  • FLT

    This isn’t either/or.
    They are both horrible.

  • TigerLily

    I actually believe that repeatedly and shamelessly cheating on one’s spouse can be a form of abuse. It’s clearly a way of asserting power (and Tiger and Elin clearly didn’t have an open marriage).
    Obviously it’s not the same thing as threatening to kill your wife and it is the Tiger Woods story clearly a private family matter, but that doesn’t make it harmless.

  • Cobalt

    I think part of the problem is that he waves enough money/fame and unethical or naive women keep flocking and he’s easily able to pit them against one another. Abusers are able to pick their victims well to work to their own advantage and agenda.
    It was no secret he was violent when Denise Richards hooked up with him, yet she never filed a police report, instead used it as a PR opportunity trying to save her failing career. Today, we hear about Kelly Preston (who didn’t file a report but went on to join a cult,) but rarely about the porn star that did file a lawsuit against him? Or the college student? I guess unless you’re famous, it doesn’t count?
    Despite the fact that he has a famous name that magnifies all his bad behavior, he’s able to find women lining up to not only marry him, but reproduce right away? And ya gotta wonder if his twisted logic is because some of these women ARE unethical, it’s okay to abuse them? Is it any coincidence that his current wife’s police record is being dug up?
    There are women in the world still married off as children, women who are not able to leave domestic violence situations due to economic or cultural reasons. His behavior is inexcusable and reprehensible, but it undermines domestic violence when there is always some money or fame hungry fool who is willing to look the other way.
    Maybe if our society supported women who actually achieved things for themselves rather than WHO they marry or sleep with?

  • MartySidmartinson

    Not to insert words into this commenter’s mouth, but I interpreted Athenia’s “theory” not as a way to legitimize the support of Sheen’s career, but as an attempt to understand why his violent behavior has lead to a sudden increase in his popularity. You may not like the commenter’s gut instinct (“it seems hard to believe that he would do those things”), but by being honest with their interpretations of the events and Sheen’s celebrity, one can provide insight as to why people are watching him despite his unacceptable behavior. In other words, it’s sometimes possible to offer theories about the way cultures work by sifting information through one’s own filter/brainz.

  • LalaReina

    I’d rather you cheat on me than try and slit my throat. I very much think it’s an either/or. One I’m dead, the other I can divorce you and get a fat-ass settlement.

  • LalaReina

    Riddle me this:what is the difference between Tiger and Bill Clinton?

  • LalaReina

    I agree with you on that but while I think Tiger is a jackass and a selfish jerk I don’t personally want to punish him, on the other hand if you threaten your wife’s life I want you punished for that. One is private and I’d tell her to leave him and bleed him (in court) the other is something that is societies business.

  • makomk

    Perhaps it can be – but if the person being cheated on is entirely in the dark, how exactly can that be a form of abuse? It would seem to miss the point rather. (Not forgetting that it seems likely, in Tiger Woods’ case, that if anyone’s using it as a way of asserting power it’s Elin. Witness the rumors she was demanding he gave up golf, shortly followed by him doing so.)

  • lucierohan

    Wow, hours before the clock strikes midnight, here comes Cobalt with what could be THE victim-blaming comment of 2009.

  • redpine

    It appears that when it comes to television, domestic violence against men still doesn’t matter either. Real Housewives of New York City star Kelly Bensimon pulled a Chris Brown on her fiance Nick Stefanov (see nypost ) and she still stars on Real Housewives. And apparently the courts gave her a pass too.

  • aleks

    Clinton was pro-choice and Woods’ views on abortion are unknown.

  • Cobalt

    lucierohan…I guess you can view what I’m saying that way, but then I think that’s a rather flippant and cliche answer. The article was questioning WHY Sheen’s show still has ratings and I was stating a viewpoint that may make Americans turn the other way when faced with domestic abuse.
    Fact is, we do live in a country where we, as women, have it better than many on this planet. Geez, when I went abroad to meet my family, my male cousin wouldn’t even let me ride in the front seat of a car! How many women would love the opportunity to have an education, a job, CHOOSE WHO they want to marry, IF they want to marry and IF they want to have children? Imagine not being able to even get a job to support yourself EVER? Or married off at 14?
    Still, I think women in this country have a long way to go, but all the more reason I think that we need to look at contributing factors in these situations. No, I don’t believe domestic abuse is acceptable in any situation, but I also don’t think being opportunistic and enabling abusers for fame or fortune is acceptable either.
    When you choose to exploit your personal life/domestic abuse in the tabloids and spin it into a reality show for yourself, instead of filing a police report… lose my sympathy. I don’t think it’s right they are bringing up his current wife’s past, but I also have to think, WHY would you choose to marry and reproduce with someone with such a sordid past right away? (were his trendy twins conceived naturally?) Sorry, but I think it undermines the plight of many women around the world who don’t have the resources or option to even leave their abusers.
    Fact is, even as a teenager I understood that a man, either much older or wealthier, might not view me as an equal individual and to set yourself up as a “trophy wife,” inherently invites abuse. Does it make it right? Of course not! But why not empower women and encourage young girls to make smart choices?
    and personally, I’ve never watched his show and probably never will.