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Can we leave Chris Brown alone? The answer is no.
The University of Tennessee still uses “hostesses” to attract football players. Ew.
A horrible fire in Mississippi kills 9 including a lesbian couple and 6 of their children. Tragic.
An extensive piece by Latoya on gaming and gender. Read it.
Also, as a treat to myself after completing my MA thesis (!), I am going to Chile for two weeks with friends so I will be back after the new year. Happy New Years Feministing community and here’s to another year of feministing away!

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  • http://femiwhat.wordpress.com/ Marisa
  • LalaReina

    They can’t leave Chris Brown alone but they sure as hell leave Charlie Sheen alone.

  • Consuelo

    I’m from Chile! I hope you enjoy coming here :)

  • http://narrowcrafts.blogspot.com Chelsa

    Man, that “Can’t we leave Chris Brown alone?” article made my blood boil!
    I don’t see why the author can’t just own up and realize she made some egregious mistakes in this article. While her intent may not have been to victim-blame, it doesn’t change the fact that she did victim-blame (I won’t bother repeating it. Several commenters have already highlighted the problem spots).
    Some jewels:
    Both were seen together at Diddy’s house just days after the incident, yet, even after all of this, the media continued to berate only Brown – You’re right. We need to berate more victims of domestic abuse who stay with their partners. On TV. Because it totally helps them leave sooner. And it makes her complicit if she stays.
    “If I didn’t have little girls looking up to me, I’d have stayed with him.” Uh, really? She can say that, but we can’t let Chris Brown perform on GMA? – Yes. She can say that. I’m shocked that you’d have a problem with her saying that. Many people leave abusive situations for reasons other than their own safety, such as the safety of their children. Whatever it takes for people to realize that leaving is a better option is a good enough reason!
    But let’s not forget, that because Rhianna has publically recognized that young women look up to her, that she must now be a chaste nun at all times. Don’t talk about sex. Don’t talk about food. Don’t talk about your future BF’s junk size. Least we turn all the little girlies (read: fans) with no brains of their own into wanton little sl*ts. Let’s remember: girls who have sex are BAD people!
    Maybe talking about other stuff (food, sex, man-junk), is her way of reminding herself that what happened to her does not define who she is. If she doesn’t talk about it –> I can’t believe what a bad person she is. If she does talk about –> She’s just milking it for a little more fame.
    Damn if you do, Rhianna… but really, shut up now. We don’t want to hear about DV anymore.
    To the people who say this would have blown over if it were just two average people. Well, you’re right. And that’s the problem! We shouldn’t just brush this off because the status quo is to ignore DV.
    Now, onto Chris:
    Yeah, that’s sucky that certain companies/distributors/chains are choosing to distance themselves from him. But they are private companies who have no obligation to carry a product if they don’t want to. So, no, I don’t feel bad that he beat the tar out of the woman he claims he loved and ruined his own image. Things I’ve learned about being in business: Your repuation can be what makes or breaks your enterprise, so it’s generally a good idea to watch your behavior. Sure people make mistakes… but other people make mistakes that ruin their careers all the time. I don’t see you writing OpEd pieces about forgiving them.
    And also, let’s not pretend he’s taken any kind of ownership for his actions. Until he can wear big-boy pants, and stop calling this “the incident”, I will continue to believe his apologies are pure BS and he doesn’t really feel that bad about what happened (to Rhianna… obviously he cares very much about how the fallout affected him). And I’m perfectly okay with the fact that I am judging him for his actions.
    Seriously though… don’t go on and on about how journalists need to just report what’s happened and use only facts, while liberally littering your piece with your opinion on the dynamics of the situation or your moral compass on how Rhianna uses her sexuality. Plus, comparing the hardship of Chris and Rhianna over this whole mess is apples and oranges. You should know better.
    Finally. Ugh: “Lately, it seems like we’re punishing the wrong person”? For god’s sake… at least apologize for that train-wreck of a sentence. Please.

  • megs.

    Thanks for the links. What I’d like to know, though, is why so much time was spent in the article about the fact that two of the women were a couple. Shouldn’t it matter more what the cause of the fire was? And if the piece was intended to be biographical, why weren’t anyone else’s stories covered?

  • Megs

    I hope you have fun in Chile!!!

  • Erik

    Hey Feministing, have you guys stopped updating your Twitter? We miss you! ;(

  • Toongrrl

    I hope for the best for the
    couple, the cousin, and
    the children. May they rest
    in peace. It had came to

  • SirPuck


  • Uppity Broad

    Cogratulations on your MA. I hope the journey was even better than “getting there.”

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