Groundbreaking Women In Hip Hop Tour Documentary: THE REVIVAL

By the inimitable Invincible, check out this short documentary about women in hip-hop, following the We B-Girlz tour and framed around a conversation between Roxanne Shante and Bahamadia, two MCs I love.

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  • Seventeen

    On the subject of women in hip-hop, I want to plug Melange Lavonne, who’s one of my favorites.

  • ArtyB

    This is nostalgic. It reminded me of a time when there were women in Hip-Hop. They were talented and powerful, now it is mostly men and their aim is mostly to demoralize and demean women. Such a bummer.
    I don’t know when women got kicked out of the Hip-Hop club, it was probably a gradual process. it will be great to see women in Hip-Hop do their thing.