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While folks were celebrating the holidays this weekend, police in Iran opened fire on protesters, leaving hundreds wounded and ten people dead.
Anne E. Kornblut at the Washington Post reignites blaming young women who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton and the oppression olympics to boot. Jessica and Jillian at Equal Writes have more.
A shopping center in China has built a parking lot designed for women only – with wider parking spaces.
A Wisconsin high school is enforcing a new dress code on their dance squad, forcing them to wear jackets during their routines because their spaghetti-strap tank tops were too revealing.

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    That Chinese shopping mall sounds pretty sexist. It’s one thing to have a separate women-only parking lot to protect women from rape and harassment. It’s another thing to have a female only parking lot with extra wide spaces and special parking guides – basically, they’re claiming that women are bad drivers and can’t park in normal sized parking spaces!

  • Jacob

    On a lighter note, interesting diary that went up on DKos yesterday: http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2009/12/27/819640/-Romance-Reader,-Unashamed

  • Brianna G

    Hmm. While the dance uniforms are not remotely suggestive or revealing, and I think the administrator’s comment about how tank tops nearly to the clavicle are somehow linked to “dating violence, teen pregnancy and lack of respect for young women” is beyond absurd, I do remember feeling very frustrated in high school when athletes on school teams were held to a different standard of dress than I was, even during school hours. I was not permitted to wear a tank top to gym class despite simply wanting a less restrictive option for my broad shoulders, yet the cheerleading uniforms consisted of a tank top and a skirt that did not remotely meet the dress code I was forced to follow. It seemed very unfair.
    So while I would prefer that they simply allow all students to wear such tops, I do think it’s a good idea to sync the uniforms of the sports teams with the rules of dress required for other students.

  • writeoutloud

    While I have no problem with requiring dance squad uniforms to align with school dress codes at school functions, I think it is highly inappropriate to suggest a lack of so-called “modest dress” is responsible for an increase in dating violence or teen preganancy.
    Violent people are the cause of dating violence, and a lack of information about/access to birth control is the cause of teen pregnancy.

  • Comrade Kevin

    It is ego excess of the worst extreme for older feminists to assume that their hard-fought battles should be laid in granite. Opposition to women’s rights doesn’t die just because victories are won. Nor does time freeze once breakthroughs occur.
    I didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton because she ran an awful campaign. It was a campaign much like many second-wave feminists—entitled, complacent, unimaginative, and wholly uninspiring. And what is more, I believed Hillary Clinton to be a uniformly unfit candidate for the office based on the strategy of those who made up her inner circle. I need not mention that seriously flawed African-American candidates have run for President before and ended up not getting remotely close to nomination.
    The campaign gained traction late, but by that point, Obama already had a lead in pledged delegates that could not be overtaken. It seemed to me by then as though all the baby boomer rust had finally been scraped away and the old energy returned, but too late to make any difference. If this is what suffices for generational legacy, I’d consider re-thinking this desire to rest on one’s laurels.

  • Ally Avocado

    Agreed. I don’t understand all these new services coming out like all women cabs(that are of course fucking pink) in mexico, to protect women from rapists… Instead of addressing the issue itself. Now they are just continuing the idea that women must fear going out, by creating more separation. Avoid your daily lives ladies, rapists are on the loose.

  • analog

    I agree. My high school’s cheerleader uniforms drove me insane. The skirts were much shorter than the dress code allowed for everyday, yet the girls wore the uniforms to school on football Fridays. If I had worn a mini-skirt of the same length, I would have been forced to change.
    I am often annoyed/appalled at the incredibly revealing costumes young girls wear when cheerleading or at dance competitions. I didn’t think these outfits were that bad, but more modesty still seems like a step in the right direction.
    Where the school lost me was with the ridiculous and vaguely offensive comments about violence against women having anything to do with attire. Are the girls who are victimized in their community “asking for it?” And what is up with allowing the students to wear different outfits when performing off school grounds? If this type of clothing isn’t appropriate “within the community,” it isn’t appropriate when students are REPRESENTING the school elsewhere. This principal needs to figure out what his own rationale is for the dress code.

  • mercedese4

    The Kornblut WaPo article certainly addresses a topic for discussion, that is the division between younger and older feminists. However it was done in a rather offensive way. To suggest that a young woman should just do what all the older women tell her to do sounds a little oppressive to me. And the idea that just because a young woman didn’t vote for Hilary means that she doesn’t understand the significance of her running is abhorrent and I am offended by it. I certainly understand that the feminists who came before us have worked very hard for all the things that we may seem to take for granted and therefore feel frustrated and see the movement as something that is dying. However I believe that the movement has simply taken a different direction and change is something that is hard to swallow. I hope that our elders will support us as we attempt to tackle new frontiers were we see the fight taking us. We need their support, division is what will set up back. Just like more answers lead to more questions, more rights lead to more barriers, which leads to the real issue . . . our priorities are different because our barriers are different. And we cannot simple vote for women because they are women (hello – Palin) we need to vote for women who further our fight and match our priorities, which is a decision that all women need to make for themselves. I hope that we will continue the conversation about the division and hopefully the union between older and younger feminists with out belittling the choices or beliefs of either.

  • Alice

    On the subject of women parking, there’s also this recent study that finds women to be less competent at parking despite taking longer to do so.

  • PamelaVee

    I agree with Brianna-
    I do not agree with the administration’s comments at all (sounds like victim blaming speech to me), but during school hours, no group should get special clothing privileges.
    I can attest that back in high school during football season, the cheerleaders would wear their uniforms through the whole school day (that was required, I believe) and they consisted of very short skirts and sleeveless shirts, both of which were dress code violations.
    There was not ONE “large” cheerleader on the team and many girls who were not cheerleaders were sent home for skirts longer than the cheerleading uniforms. This happened with girls of all sizes, but moreso with larger girls, even though the skirts were not what I consider inappropriate.
    I personally have no problem with the uniform in question and think all girls should be able to wear strap tops to school. However, no one group should get to wear something that others do not.
    For the record, I am against school uniforms.

  • mcaroline

    “forcing them to wear jackets during their routines”
    This is really the best you could come up with? really? I’m don’t see anything wrong with holding athletes to the same standard as the rest of the school is a bad thing. The dance team at my high school wore bras and hot pants with the school logo on them and that was fine, because they were athletes.

  • _Maeowin_

    About the parking spots… Ive seen those in Germany too!! I asked a friend about them and he said (matter-of-factly) that women have wider spaces so they can park better and so they have room for loading and unloading babies n stuff. Needless to say my brain exploded, you could hear my “WHAT?!?!” echoing through the garage.
    i did a quick google search http://www.tressugar.com/3045395 that link provides other links to other instances of lady parking spots. sigh.