EC sales more than double after New Year’s Eve.

That’s right, emergency contraception sales more than double the days after New Year’s Eve. It’s good to see someone addressing that; this comes from a new project of the Back Up Your Birth Control Campaign.

Let’s just not forget that there are plenty of grandmas out there who can text with the best of ‘em.

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  • Athenia

    Double after New Years Eve?
    Why would that be the case? It’s not like there aren’t other drunken holidays out there.
    Call me a prude, but I find that kinda sad….

  • Mighty Ponygirl

    It may be that New Years is sort of the perfect storm of oops sex: you’ve just finished dealing with the stressful family times of the winter holidays (Chritsmas/Hannukah/Festivus) and you need to blow off some steam, if you’re a student you’re going back to school soon, the holiday season is *over* and all you have to look forward to is the dreary part of winter. New Years is not just about a big party to ring in the new, but it’s also about new beginnings. The next major holiday is Valentine’s Day and people want someone to spend that with. Put all those things together (and add a ton of alcohol) and I think people may be a little less inhibited about who they sleep with.
    But maybe it’s not that. Maybe buying EC on New Years Day is like changing the batteries in your smoke detector on Daylight Savings. :D

  • Mighty Ponygirl

    Love the last granny. :D

  • Brianna G

    I always associate it far more with drinking than the other drinking holidays… Mardi Gras is limited to certain areas, St. Patrick’s Day has limited celebration, the Fourth usually involves beer, not hard liquor… But honestly, I think the worst problem is most offices and businesses are closed the next day. Unlike other holidays, this is a night where an abnormally large number of people have the next day off and thus don’t have to abstain due to fear of hangover or sleeping through the alarm. I do think New Year’s has the worst drinking issues of any holiday, at least if you take a broader approach and don’t look at specific regions or cities.
    Plus there’s the element of romance– kissing when the ball drops and all.

  • Athenia

    I like the “changing the batteries” theory!

  • Athenia

    “I have 1/2 a sandwich in the bag, but I kinda want mexican.”
    Granny: Is that even sexual???

  • Toongrrl

    The Dark Side and Darker Side
    of New Years Eve
    1. Oopsy sex
    2. Everyone but YOU (i.e. me) is
    having sex.
    Love these grandmas

  • Leah

    I love this, but I think they left out some important information about how to avoid needing EC in the first place, like using a back up method along with your pill or condom.
    I wrote a post about it here:

  • emigree

    “OMG! OMG! OMG!!”
    Hahaha. This is awesome.