Quickhit: Christmas + Ghana = Sexism?

*** Editor’s Note: Original image was removed by BBC. The initial photograph had a Ghanaian woman with her butt drawn so big it was holding a tray of several alcoholic beverages. On top of that, there was a man standing behind her with both hands pressed against her butt. We are glad that BBC decided to take swift action in erasing this clearly sexist photograph.
What was BBC thinking when they thought that this photograph would be appropriate to describe how Ghanaians celebrate Christmas?
It is true that sexism is everywhere. But why would BBC use coverage of holiday celebrations all over Africa to spotlight a sexist mural in Ghana? This abhorrent scrawling doesn’t even have anything to do with Christmas.
In the states this year, my Ghanaian family will be all over midnight mass, bowls of chicken, rice and fufu. Some might even head to church for a second round of Hail Mary on Christmas morning. I also have no doubt that my grandmother will be singing the “Africia Pa” song all Christmas day long. But, rest assured, there will be no spontaneous, male, ass-entitlement on the premises!

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