Health reform opponents offer Hooters gift card

A woman holds a sign reading, 'A woman is not for decoration' next to a Hooter's employee in uniform.The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which opposes the current health care reform bill and the public option, is trying to entice people to join their anti-reform mailing list by offering the chance to win a $150 gift card to Hooters (screenshot here). As Rachel Maddow reported Tuesday night, this type of grassroots astroturf organizing gives Congress a false impression of how widespread opposition to health reform really is.

Surprisingly, the PR firm that sent out the email on behalf of the Chamber contracts says it was not responsible for this particular snafu. Still, TPM reports,

The Hooters card is the draw. Blinking pop-up ads and
web pages offer readers the card in return for entering their names and
personal information, and filling out a survey asking if they want to
sign up for various offers. In this case, those offers range from
agreeing to receive information about getting your college degree
online, to signing up for the Chamber’s emails. (You can also click
‘no’ not to sign up for each offer, and still get the Hooters card. But
chances are you’ll sign up for a few.)

The Chamber has a history of disagreement with the Obama White House, and has opposed everything from the pro-union Employee Free Choice Act to stricter EPA emissions standards. It has been a major player in opposing health-care reform.

The irony? Hooters is among the 54 percent of American restaurants that did offer health insurance coverage to their hourly employees last year. The restaurant chain also offers dental, vision, and tuition assistance.

(In other news, someone at Talking Points Memo spent a lot of time filling out surveys to win a Hooters gift card…)

h/t to Katie!

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  • Alex Catgirl

    The Chamber is being realistic, they realize the only way healthcare reform opponents can enjoy the company of attractive young women is if they pay them.
    In the wise words of Eva Amurri
    when it comes to health care reform, the key is educating yourself and others. But most importantly: “never fucking anyone who is against us.”

  • Comrade Kevin

    I suppose the question I have is if someone had to work for Hooters for the benefits package, whether she would feel that her very presence as an employee would make her a supreme hypocrite.
    We were talking about sex worker rights yesterday, and I’m sure there are lots of women who are faced with a choice of whether to engage in the profession or to starve to death, and choose the former, feeling like a hypocrite in the process, too.
    One could launch the charge of willful objectification in both cases, of course.

  • aleks

    I’ve always appreciated Josh Marshall’s commitment to research and accurate reporting.

  • hellotwin

    Wow, those are some good benefits…