Wednesday Feminist Love: Women’s and Gender Studies

When you’re a feminist blogger, it sometimes feels like you’re constantly writing about one horrific story after another. And while we try to include inspiring stories of feminists doing great work – it still often seems like the bad outweighs the good. I’m on a bit of a positive-thinking kick at the moment, so I just wanted to take a second to throw some feminist love out there to Women’s and Gender Studies departments.
Like a lot of other people, I didn’t really start identifying as a feminist until I took a Women’s Studies class at SUNY Albany. It literally changed my life. SUNY Albany’s Women’s Studies department not only gave me the opportunity to pursue classes that were the first in my college experience to actually excite me – but also made me part of this awesome teaching collective. Having this kind of leadership experience available at the undergrad level completely changed me and the way I thought about myself. (It also brought me and Samhita together!) And, of course, my beloved Rutgers brought to the next level when I got my Masters degree at their Women’s and Gender Studies department.
I’ve been critical of academic feminism in the past – writing that it’s not as accessible as it should be, and that it makes feminism something that only folks who are fortunate enough to go to college can take part in. While I think those criticisms do hold water, I also think we often don’t give enough love to the amazing teachers and students in these departments – the way the organize, the way they teach and the way they change people’s lives. So, much love to all of the teachers I’ve had and to all of the departments out there making a difference every day – you are all amazing.
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