Copenhagen Climate Talks: A Round Up

Folks paying attention to the news lately may have noticed that there is a big Climate Summit happening in Copenhagen right now. Here is a brief round up of the news on Copenhagen and the work going down there. Things are getting heated up (no pun intended) in preparation for the final week of the summit and appearances by many of the world’s major leaders, including President Obama.
Check out Gender CC for resources and information about the links between gender and Climate Change.
Quite a few people have been arrested during the rallies and protests that have been staged in conjunction with the Climate Summit. Most of the protesters are demonstrating in reaction to what they see as inadequate and delayed action on climate change.
In a breakthrough today, Canada announced that it would accept the concept of climate debt. For more on this concept, read this TIME magazine article. UPDATE: It appears this “announcement” from Canada was actually a hoax fueled by fake press releases. What’s worse is the Uganda delegation fell for it as well, and issued an elaborate response that you can see on video at the link above.
A delegation representing 133 countries walked out of the negotiations this morning over concerns that the Kyoto Protocol would be abandoned. More on this here. Talks has since resumed.
A representative from the island nation of Tuvalu pleaded yesterday for legally-binding agreements to be made at the summit, to save his island nation from the effects of global warming. He also pointed out the control that the US Senate has over the fate of his country.
Finally, The Media Consortium’s The Mulch blog has a round up of the happenings in Copenhagen.
For more on the Summit, check out the official website.

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