What We Missed Thursday

Congresswoman Lois Capps (D-CA), author of the Capps Amendment, provides a reality check to the claims in Congressman Bart Stupak’s NYT op-ed.
Jezebel worries about what’s to come on Jersey Shore’s debut season given that the trailer contains a glimpse of a guy in a bar punching a woman in the face. Apparently already making the rounds on the internets.
Helen Hunt talks with Economica about the $180 million that has been raised during the Women Moving Millions campaign for projects that support women and girls.
Is Lady Gaga a feminist? Nona Willis Aronowitz and others weigh in.
The Women’s Media Center launches the Not Under the Bus Campaign: Fighting for Women’s Rights.
Hugo Schwyzer sounds off about homosociality in the time of Tiger.

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  • Caitlin

    I found the link about Tiger quite interesting considering I read this:
    in my university newspaper last week. I was actually going to blog about this, but I haven’t due to some technical difficulties. I wrote a response to the article’s take on Tiger’s choice of woman, which the paper unfortunately published under the title “Reader fails to detect sarcasm” to discredit my pro-woman remarks.

  • Nazza

    Yes, I’ve thought that myself about Tiger Woods’ taste in women. It’s fairly naive and immature at best.
    And any decision made particularly for external reasons and internal fantasy neglects and overlooks the whole range of human experience. It’s like trying to be popular in high school in the easiest possible manner.

  • TeenMommy

    I do think Lady Gaga is a feminist. Additionally, I think she’s extremely talented and has a good head on her shoulders. I admire her very much. She manages to flip all the typical pop star tropes right on their heads.

  • inmybigdreamsx16

    I don’t know if anyone on feministing has seen this yet:
    Basically viewers on this website can pick what the “shower babe” wears and sings everyday. What does this have to do with Burger King? Why do they consistently use sex appeal to advertise their burgers?
    There are plenty of bloggers in rage as well:

  • Ashvll

    Ok, I do need a little elucidation on the feminist stand on this whole snookie situation. If this were a guy punching a guy, it would probably be crushingly unnoticed and uncared about by the majority of the world, but since its a girl getting punched its a big deal. So if we say women deserve equal treatment, deserve to be let into men’s sports, equal respect, how do we treat this situation. Way to take a punch? Its not like this is domestic violence, How can the feminist movement claim equality to men and then turn around and say OMG, a MAN punching a WOMAN?! CLAP HIM IN IRONS! have we become the prince swooping in to rescue the princess? why not let her deal with it herself instead of getting up in arms about it? I mean really, if we advocate the breaking of gender stereotypes how can we just turn around and subscribe to the same troglodyte ideals that we hate.

  • Wonderwall

    Lady Gaga rocks my world. I think the article sums of how I feel about her quite well – she is doing what she wants, putting herself out there, and is not concerned with being “sexy”. Sometimes she is…while other times her image is quite disturbing. I love it and I’m so glad that she has the awesome talent to put her on that platform which allows her to challenge the mainstream.

  • daveNYC

    Woods’ taste in women? As far as I can tell, he only had two criteria:
    1) In the room.
    2) With a pulse.

  • Marisa
  • Stellar

    Glad to see that Lady Gaga has warmed up to the word “feminist.” It made my day a bit brighter :)

  • Anony-mouse

    “Is Lady Gaga a feminist?”

  • Kashif

    Is Lady Gaga a feminist? Does it matter?
    Does everything have to be viewed through the lens of feminism and ant-feminism?
    Same way with the Christian right. They want to divide the world into good and evil.
    Does everything have to revolve around gender as in the case of feminists or good and evil as in the case of Christian conservatives?
    It’s just better to let people be themselves.
    I resent how some feminists want to put their stamp of approval or disapproval on some things as if those things need it.