Marie Claire: “Do all women make bad bosses?”

Marie Claire (UK) has a pretty craptastic headline up at the moment: Do all women make bad bosses? It’s the sort of thing you’d expect to see at AskMen, not a magazine/site meant for women.
And the content of the article isn’t much better:

According to a recent article, men are considered less bullying, egotistical and overbearing compared to ladies, with four out of ten women who have female bosses insisting they could do a better job.
…Not much of a triumph for feminism so far, is it?
…So what do you think? Is there a reason why men make beter bosses (sic), or do you feel passionate about waving the flag for lady leaders? (Emphasis mine)

Asking a question about women and power that’s framed by the notion that men are “better” isn’t really asking a question…just saying.

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