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It’s the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Massacre — in which Marc Lepine shot or stabbed 27 people, most of them women, in a classroom. One survivor, who screamed “We are not feminists” to try to save their lives, now says she identifies as a feminist. Plus, more at Bastard.Logic.
The New Yorker talks to the authors of a new book on women’s sexuality.
Shockingly, a new report shows the Bush administration did not adequately enforce civil rights legislation.
Congolese journalist Chouchou Namegabe uses the media to push the message that rape is not about sex drive, it’s about violence and power.
Ireland is set to consider a law recognizing transsexual people.
In honor of the holiday season, Rachel has begun “a series of posts that illustrate, on their own and with no additional commentary needed, what’s wrong with our consumer culture.”
Know Your Feline Female Metaphors! (Plus more at Tiger Beatdown.)
New York state Sen. Hiram Monserrate has been convicted of violence against his girlfriend, but has not resigned.
Kate Harding makes the feminist case for Taylor Swift.
The scapegoating of Desiree Rogers.
This is so awful: A 13-year-old girl committed suicide after her classmates circulated nude photos of her.
International feminist groups and Afghan women’s rights organizations debate the surge in Afghanistan. It’s also important to note that the answers to these questions can be very different depending on which Afghan women we’re talking about.
How women are faring in “liberated” Iraq.
Are women going to play in the NBA one day?
A woman in Michigan was thrown out of a Target store for breastfeeding her baby.
Recognizing Jeanne-Claude, lesser-known than her husband and artistic collaborator Christo, but just as awesome. She died on Nov. 18.
Are conversations about marginalized people valuable if they take place without those marginalized people included?
Jeff Chang reviews Rich Benjamin’s book about the whitest enclaves in America. (Read an excerpt of the book here.)
Raaz at Muslimah Media Watch responds to the “Burqa Barbie brouhaha.”
Take action to Queer the Census!
The size-positive documentary Fat Girls Float needs your help to finish production.
Our Bodies, Ourselves needs your support.
What have you all been reading/writing this week?

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